Wednesday, January 11, 2012

A Day in the Life of a Family

While Cynthia and Chloe get ready for Vogue Knitting Live in Manhattan NY, I went up the mountain to help out. We have a schedule Monday (Music and Map day) Wednesday (Wild day) and Friday (Family day), so today was Wild, my car had to go into the shop an old battery seems like it's problem and then more grocery shopping and then one last check of the phone and up the mountain... 
The house is so much more finished than when I was here last and is such a dolls house now
 Mark wearing his new Carhartt overalls a gift from Grandma Super
 Abel while normally pretty good about using the rest room, went through many pants today... lots of laundry
 Here's Simon
 Mark went out with his Dad to do chores, while Abel had another change of clothes and dinner was being assembled, they have a working kitchen!
 Finally dinner, dishes, bath time and bed completed for his brothers, Emma brushed her teeth and I got spend sometime with Simon, whoa whoa whoa how nice was this. Makes one forget all the problems of the world when you hold that little wonder.....
Lily was sure glad to see me and I'm really ready for bed. Tomorrow is a yarn day and then back up to be among the young people!

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