Wednesday, January 11, 2012

The Circle of Life

I'm in Oregon working and being Granny Trish but wanted to update you.
Here are some of the kitchen cabinets in the kitchen even

 Mike Christmas Morning look what Santa brought him!
 Bounty on Christmas day... Look at all the Satsuma Oranges
 My Dad and Steven Christmas morning
 Cleo Christmas night... long day of fun
 Next day it was back to making yarn for VK Live!
 Getting packed and yarn shipped all in one go. This was what it looked like the day before I left

So exhausted was I from all the packing that Mike said I was to rest a day before I left so I trimmed the roses. Next morning Lily and I are on the road. Lily is sleeping in the car
 A stop at our favorite Granzella's in Williams CA to get bread and treats
 Now Lily has moved to higher ground in the car
 My arrival time on Thursday that's PM
 Next day I went to see lambs at Jan's house just in time for lunch!
 A fun day in Portland with Becky and Emma starts labor. I drove to St. Helens and look at my treat the Christmas Cacti bloomed!
 Emma is great and so is everyone else here is Mark holding Simon-Peter Clement
 Cynthia was so excited to get all the yarn and posted these pictures of the yarn we sent for VK Live! Get your yarn at her booth!!!

After all that I was exhausted and the car had three warning lights on come on so we took the day to unpack and rest. I feel better and only one warning light is on so back up the mountain to see be Grannie Trish!

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