Friday, December 23, 2011

A month of joys and woes

I can't believe it's been a whole month. Such a lot has happened yet it seems like a blink of an eye since I was updating the blog. Just one of the many reasons is that my computer needed major updating and our wireless router quit (after this month I don't blame it) but happily we have several new routers and I have the internet in the house. 

Now we go back to Thanksgiving. 
Some of my family don't like turkey so we did an alternative stuffed Pork Roast
Becky butterflied two halves of a pork loin. I made stuffing and Mike placed Prosciutto onto butchers twine

Rosemary out of Becky's garden
both loins are placed onto a bed of apples with hard apple cider as liquid
dinner is served. Along with this we had smashed potatoes using Yukon Gold potato's from Becky's garden and other delectable items
Then it was the long drive home from Oregon to California. Many miles and lots of time in traffic jams yikes....
frantic spinning was then done trying to make yarn for people. Work work work....
a quick lunch with my sister (in law) and look what she made!
Ok it has to be said, to all those waiting for yarn sorry but I wanted to see my bother John and my SIL Nicki ( lives in Ireland) I haven't seen my SIL since 2002 and my brother since Mom died. I talked it over with my family (whom packed me and pushed me out the door taking the spinning wheel out of my hands). John and Nicki were surprising his old mate Charlie for his 50 th birthday in Las Vegas! So Steven and I went a few days before Charlie was coming and spent time with John and Nicki. I've only been to Las Vegas once, I was pregnant with Steven, 28 years ago. One short week after we drove from Oregon to LA, Steve and I were back in the car again......
Terrible picture I know they had flown from Ireland to Las Vegas and it was now 9:00 pm our time, which at that point I'm not sure what time they were on!
We were so happy. It was so great to have such a stolen visit. We couldn't afford it and I sure couldn't afford the time off but I have to tell you I'm so glad I did.
                                         Steven loved the Buffets the most
                          Steven hates his photo being taken and we took so many, lots and lots at this point in the journey he was done with the picture taking.
It's not a great picture either but here the girls are at Pawn Stars
We took a gondola ride and sang with Salvador
That Stack of plates is taller than I am
all too soon we were home many tearful good byes to all and back to work yarn drying on a clear but cool day in Los Angeles

 Steven and Mike took a day off to finish painting the kitchen, Job done!
 Meanwhile I'm spinning and plying
 After a week of work, making progress on the things to do... we got the call that Mike's Mom was in the hospital, the next day she was gone. It was fast and she didn't suffer but wow it hit hard. The same day I kept my appointment with the dermatologist for a spot on my hand that never healed after the hornets attacked it. A very nice man he looked at the hand and then on my face, all of a sudden I'm having biopsies. Multiple biopsies on my face, which never really got numb, it hurt, like um hornets stinging. Four biopsies all over my face and now worry about possible cancer... it was a really bad day so I went to bed with my favorite guy of the moment.......
 What was to be a fun family holiday get together was now a wake for MIL. Becky flew down and I made stew while I waited
 while making stew I dyed up three pounds of cashmere

 It was good to have Becky here and a lot of things got done-harvesting the Satsuma Oranges from the tree I got for my birthday last year, they are so sweet and lovely
 Dec. 18th is my birthday so many people sent me good wishes and it was really lovely. My gifts
 here it is unwraped and in service
 a living wreath I love this
 here is the beads that have been picked up from the floor- so many
 My heart stood still when Mike started to bring in the kitchen cabinets, but that's where it ended :(
 One of my birthday's activities was to trim roses so I cut them for my enjoyment
 Becky wanted to take these lemons home and she sent the picture of the Lemon Pie she made!
All too soon she was gone and we are left with a very subdued holiday feeling. While I got good news- no cancer I have to have more bits burned off my face on Monday. I'm still really behind with yarn as I really had to spend time with my grieving family. I'm working as hard as I can and still take time out for food and sleep. I'm ever behind and it seems like I'll never be caught up. I hope your family is safe and happy and if your waiting for yarn really sorry I'm doing my best. 

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