Thursday, October 06, 2011

The Weeks Work

A full work week this week. Unpacked are two jumbo and one medium tub. I've been to Knit night and worked out by problems, "challenges" to the scarf I'm making. I've given up on the Ruana and the Stone Scarf, huge projects and really I have better things to do with this yarn. I've been inspired! 
It rained yesterday and while my NW mates are no big deal, Mike reports Downtown Los Angeles got 1 inch which is a really big deal in Los Angeles. It solved my homesick problem. I'm really feeling better especially since I've majorly organized and found lots of important things. 

One of the most surprising finds was this huge blossom. Emma gave this plant to Becky when Becky left for College in 1999. It has bloomed once several years ago with a couple of single blooms. This cluster was hiding behind another plant when we moved them to spray a wasp nest in the eves above this plant. I love it!

The Drywall is done and here is Lily watching the shadows of the men spraying and sanding the walls on the other side of the film 

We had our first BBQ with the new BBQ. It was great and look forward to many more. However doing all the dishes.... in the bathroom sink not so great. 
16 skeins are drying in the garage, or "Tanglewood South" challenge was to spin them dry in the washer outside, next to do laundry in the tub and hang them out in the Aprium Tree. Dyeing tomorrow!

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