Monday, October 03, 2011

The sad week

This last week has been a challenge. My phone went wacky and I got food poisoning and so I'm just starting to feel better! I've been so exhausted that I've just been resting and trying to recover from the dental excitement, the hornet stings, the drive (up for 30 hours and 181/2 hours in the car) and then arriving to a "Bachelor Pad" without a kitchen then VK Live and then Food Poisoning. I needed a break and had sort of a "nervous" one, so I took it. I have been working a little but just a little being well monitored by my men (Mike and Steven)
Great things have happened as well. I got this picture from Debra, she made the Snoody Snood from Cowlgirls (Cathy Carron) out of Fire and Ice just like mine and when we ran into each other guess what I was wearing!! Great minds think alike!
I had participated in a Fiber Scarf exchange at Aurora Colony Spinning Guild. This is the second year I've participated, and lucky for me Kay got my fiber again this year. Last year I provided 4 oz.s of Northwest Autumn in Superwash Merino and if you've seen me this year you've probably seen that scarf as it is a favorite! This year I put in the exchange Merino/Angora/ Cashmere in Erica's Sunstone. This amazing scarf is what I got back. This is a picture that Kay sent me, and her letter. While they were in Oregon exchanging finished scarves I was in Brentwood at a Cocktail Party at Jennifer Knits, kicking off VK Live. 

I'm so sorry I was not able to give you your scarf last night.  I cannot believe that I picked your fiber for the second time in a row!  I loved the color of the fiber, it was a joy to watch the colors blend.  I have no idea what the fiber was, and it was a bit of a challenge for me at first.  I wove the scarf up with a warp of black satin bamboo on a 10 dent reed.  As I was not sure if I would have enough fiber, I also used the black bamboo with the fiber you provided for the weft.  I have 1.2 oz. left of your fiber, which should be enough to make a little hat or a head band for winter if blended with something else. I also added some light green rock/beads to each end, one side only.  The fringe I left extra long, twisted and knotted at different levels for a more "organic" look.  I do hope you enjoy the scarf, please let me know how I can get it to you, I am happy to mail it.  I am also going to send you two photos of the scarf.  I think though that I can only send one photo at a time (due to my crazy computer).

Take care and I look forward to seeing you again!

I'm so happy about this! The other reason to be glad is that the kitchen is getting drywall, the work is being done by the most talented drywall "artists" I have ever seen. These guys are amazing- they come at 7:00am and don't leave until sundown, meanwhile we are now coping without a laundry as well.... The BBQ that we've had for 10 years gave up the ghost last week (since I got food poisoning on Wednesday I could had cared less!!!) and so we've just purchased a new one. It's sad when a beloved appliance has to be replaced.... very sad.
I have lots of paper work to do as we are down to the wire for the IRS. Yikes! Happy Knitting! 

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