Friday, October 21, 2011

I feel fine...really!

First things first I'm well for the first time in months nothing is swollen, inflamed, infected, or oozing out. It's wonderful.

While getting ready to spray the wasp nest we found this blossom on this plant that Emma gave Becky when she left for college, in 1999! this is the first time we've had anything like this!
 The garden

 This is Jan's Meyer Lemon Tree and the lemon grass growing next to it
 The pink lemon tree covered in ripening fruit

 The new BBQ
 My new temperary kitchen/dye studio
 my laundry
 Getting ready for work
Here is the first batch drying in the sun

 my not so new Solar Dryer
 Cleo dreaming about going outside, and we would love to let her but Los Angeles is no where for an outside cat
 Redondo Beach Breakwater. The weather last week was really hot! So even though I was still pretty sick with a stomach bug Mike took me to the water....where it was cool
 So many Pelicans

 We walked in the sunset........
 Mike has been working in the real kitchen and has put the molding up around the windows and doors now that the drywall is in place
While recovering from yet another stomach siege I went out to sit in the back yard and was bombarded by the "real" owner of the back yard, a Rufus Sided Hummingbird look in the top of the blue sky and there he is....
Here is the yarn spun from the roving that is in the picture above
Another year and I'm well enough (after going to the doctors) to go to a meeting of The Friends of Blair's club on the occasion of Blair's Birthday. We had a great tea at the Huntungton Gardens
While there we visited an Orchid Show

Blair's cat
The members of The Friends of Blair's Club
Here is a skein that I plied this week in Merino Angora Cashmere in Northwest Autumn!
I'm spinning like crazy trying to make up the two weeks I've been sick, again. I've also been on the phone with the post office, they've lost my trunk show! Westport Yarns is frantic and so am I. I'm still waiting for a call....... it's been 4 hours..... where is our yarn.......? 

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Trish -- Hope you'll make it over to the Torrance fiber fest. Stop by my booth and say to me and Margie. And hope that trunk show surfaces. Lori