Thursday, October 27, 2011

Catching up

After being down for 2 1/2 weeks it's hard to catch up with work. This past week I did my best; 23 skeins.... I was encouraged to take a break to dead head roses and tidy up the garden, it was lovely working with Mike (even though we both took asprin afterwards) and here some blooms from the rose garden in the back yard!
 I went to Farmers Market on Thursday and couldn't resist buying these Lilies, they smell so heavenly, so amazing to find them, fresh for sale, in late October!
 Here is a week's worth of spinning and plying out on the Solar Dryer 23 skeins are here drying some are on lower shelves and hard to see
 Today was Steven's Birthday and here is the cake! It was so yummy, chocolate cake with a creamy center with lots of decadent chocolate frosting! Gummy worms and a glow in the dark skeleton! Umm
 I cooked breakfast in my outdoor kitchen....wish Mary was here! She loves mushrooms done this way, Bangers, Bacon and Mushrooms, Don's brother Joe is coming for dinner on Friday and I'm planning Beef Stew! saved some bacon and mushrooms for that.
 We went to the movies and after found this new patisserie in the mall Steven was drooling! Too bad we were full of breakfast!
 Steven is having one of these for breakfast tomorrow! Although after a wonderful dinner and then the cake tonight I'm wondering if I'll ever be hungry again!!!!
 Right next door is a new Tea shop selling lots of interesting tea, we bought tea and really enjoyed the samples
 After a long day of birthday fun we were all tired.... here is a very unusual sight in our house both cats side by side on the couch. Cleo really has never liked Lily and has decided to tolerate her but really doesn't like Lily to be too close....have no idea what is up tonight
I'm going to bed and getting back to work tomorrow. Mike did more work in the kitchen and we thinking "painting" this weekend. After that we move in the cabinets, which will be great to get a dining room back and more room for TFC We are also thinking of more shelving to make my life more organized. I hate not being able to find things and it takes sometimes hours to set up to do a pretty basic job. Washing dishes in the bathroom sink (a job that Mike mostly does) is OK but removing 4 large Rubbermaid container to look for granulated garlic in the garage and then the taking food outside and bringing it in is a little hard. Dyeing can take a while, having to remove all the boxes and Rubbermaid boxes in front of the dye shelves then putting it all back again ahhh can take lots of extra time. It's hard but spending time with Mike is important and I do look forward to a wonderful kitchen, and knowing this is just temporary well it makes it worth it. Watching Mr. Rufus  Hummingbird while cooking breakfast this morning was memorable! I love the new grill as well. But new shelves in my bedroom/office will be next week's project. Next week we'll be shipping out lots of yarn and on Nov. 5-6 I'll be at Wild Fiber with a fair amount of yarn! See you there!

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