Sunday, August 07, 2011


This is the El Diablo at Tango in Seattle Washington the most wicked of desserts
Any one that has been at my house has had a cup of tea (at least it's been offered) Jan is also really into tea as well so we brought back a huge haul from Canada
Back from vacation Mary and I began work.
Long days and short nights have worn out Mary and Cleo
NW Autumn in Merino/Angora/Cashmere
A day at our County Fair
This is a great idea for added yield for a garden cucumbers up and lettuce under
plants for sale
It's a Day to dye for! A dyeing party hosted by Mary and I left to right Kirsten, Linda P, Jan and Becky Rose
Shelia (of Glass needles fame)
Linda Kirsch
Now we work
Shabori scarves
Cari with a finished scarf
Linda and Shelia working on their scarves
Scarves drying
Lindsy made a great Chocolate cake
Mary taking her scarf off the bottle
Meanwhile Emily bought this new car (remember Emily one of the interns last year? She drove so many miles in my car last year I guess she wanted one herself)
Cari with her yarn and scarf
Mary with a finished scarf
Next day we went to the Canterbury's Faire in Silverton and saw jousting
Becky wearing a mask
in the next week Jan took Mary, Linda and I to Timberline Lodge
Craftsmanship of the CCC
Most everything was hand woven at Timberline lodge this is a sample of the weaving
The loom
A display
What a room looks like at the lodge
I loved the details that define this landmark
A lot of "Glens" on this shelf
Mary getting ready to jump on the chairlift

There was so much snow but peaking through was a few flowers

Smokey and Mary
Lunch at the lodge
After a long day we stopped for a break at Voodoo Doughnuts
Mary, Gina (Loops in Tulsa came to visit) and I went for a visit to Lantern Moon and came back with this
Meanwhile Cleo takes another break
And Steven learns to knit at Jennifer Knits
Our livestock feeds on the peach trees
Then Mary leaves to go to Alaska with her parents and I go to Becky's house to try and rid myself of the virus that still is lingering since Black Sheep. I took this picture of soap. The same soap I had purchased in Canada during my trip with Blair in 1978, good times
This is my recovery room at Becky's house I sat here for a whole week

Found this in a local shop, yes we went all the way to Canada for it and it is right here in Silverton
Umm I saw this in Silverton and wondered how much this driver really wanted a passenger......
A visit to Silver Grille and our good friends Jeff and Naomi
Then it was Sock Summit and here is my sheep, Trish's lamb sheared having donated his fleece
Recovering from the excesses of two days at Sock Summit and still not recovered Lily and Cleo makes sure I stay in bed
The deer have eaten most of the lilies that I have but here are some of the ones that escaped

Do you know this door? It's one of my favorite places
Cottage Bakery in Long Beach Wa.! A picnic for Mark's 1/2 year's Birthday
He got a Kite and while we waited for the charcoal to get ready Emma and Mark tried it out
Snacks and work
After lunch a walk on the beach and what a walk thousands of birds were feasting on something really good
As far as the eye could see there were Brown Pelicans, Gulls and Terns
Mark having his Birthday treat
Abel got one too Look at how happy Don is, this is Abel's last clean outfit
Meanwhile another picture of yarn
Mary came back! And as a special treat brought her parents to Tanglewood and we went to Silver Falls

The next day we went to Ft. Vancouver and saw these wonderful flowers
The garden at Ft. Vancouver
A visit too short we delivered Mary's Parents to the airport and then another visit to Voodoo
I'm much improved and we are counting the days to Mary's departure for good. I'm dreading the day and trying to get all the work done we can. Steven comes to help me pack up Tanglewood for a couple of months in LA. We are almost ready for VK Live and ahead of our schedule.
I'm now caught up and in the present. We've got a busy week ahead and then I'm without Mary........

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Sheila E said...

What a lovely blog.
Dye Day was a blast. Loved all the pictures...can't wait for the next one..however it seems I must.
All good things..come around again ;)
Just remember that!
I'm glad that you are feeling much better and that you are ahead of the game.
A month or two in the SUN will help get that crud out.
Much love to you!!