Sunday, July 17, 2011

We're Working!!!!

I'm finally at the computer for something other than inputting yarn information. Mary and I have had a amazing time and Tanglewood is about to explode with so many great things it's hard to think about never mind writing about it.

Now the last month..... Flying up from California to Oregon I spent some time knitting
little leaves using Discovery Forest in Super-wash Merino the pattern is to be found
This book!

Here is the plane that took me from Seattle to Oregon if you look carefully you can see my big purple bag going up the ramp
From the airport I drove here... Black Sheep Gathering! This event brings together so many friends and family for a huge fiber community event.

Becky and someone else moving fast with sheep getting in and out of the show ring
My friend Jan's farm exhibit
Jan showing sheep. She has the greatest!
Jan and Becky in the show ring, Becky is "setting" legs
The Spinners Lead prizes all donated by vendors at Black Sheep Gathering
Our home away from home in the camping area

Ann and I having a great time together I'm a little worse for wear and Ann she's just brilliant and also has sheep she shows.
This is the crowd beginning to collect for viewing Spinners Lead
My friend Martin admiring my outfit Martin is a Professor of Sheep and taught at a University for years he knows sheep
Here I am getting ready to be the Mistress of Ceremonies for Spinners Lead at BSG
The Judges and talliers Jan on the left and then center from Mary (pink hair) Linda, Cynthia and Brenda
Theron is my favorite participant at Spinners Lead
Ann with her felted hat
Kendal was working late into the night sharpening tools he looked a little creepy so we had great fun with it....he's really very nice
I can hardly wait to see Maria's (Silver Creek Sheep) face when she sees this picture of Jan being silly over her sleeping body. We were a little "silly" no one was driving..........
Ms Audrey spinning during my "Church of the Front Porch" at BSG
My mates Alexandra, Maria ( not the sheep raiser) and Nathan the Woolee Winder man

On the go I snapped this picture of the only Wisteria blossoms that I've ever had in the 10 years that this vine has been growing, too bad it's a terrible picture but again I'm on the go.....
This is a lace purse out of Cashmere/Silk in Natural Sugar
Cleo just can't keep up with me
Pillow Cashmere fresh on the bobbin

Meanwhile Mariel is an intern at Loops in Tulsa OK. We've been sending pictures back and forth. She is with Sam. Sam is Shelley's son and a great friend of mine
While that is what they were doing I was laying in bed trying to recover from a dreadful cold that has hung on for weeks. I'm now on antibiotics and feeling much improved but meanwhile Lily loves to cuddle a reclined human
Discovery Forest drying our new color-way
Here are all the Trunk Show garments having been washed and relabeled
Mary is drying yarn that is going to Vogue Knitting Live! in Sept. we are almost halfway done with the yarn!
Becky says the time to take a vacation is when you absolutely can't take the time off so I was whisked off to BC Canada! This is the view of San Juan Island the site of many romantic vacations for Mike and I.....

A closer look and getting near the Orca's that we were looking for
Becky and I had a wonderful time and we saw the entire "J" pod!
We next went to Grandville Island and took this picture for Steven!
This is for Cynthia (Knitting Central) Shoes made from Chocolate!
Next day we went to the Vancouver Aquarium and I snapped this picture for Mike. This is an Amazonian Tank just like the one we have at home
Further into the Amazonian wing was this wonderful enclosure that had slothes, frogs butterflies and birds in their natural habitat! Brilliant

After our visit at the Aquarium we went on a horse drawn carriage ride of Stanley Park, and as I wasn't really very well, it was about the speed I needed to travel!

Then off to the Gaslight district

To a resturant called Salt. I fell in love with this table bundled logs topped with glass.
Then in one of the shops more shoes for Cynthia
We celebrated time by watching the steam driven musical clock
July 4th in Canada- we went with our Canadian cousins to view the fireworks that were across the bay in Washington
We watched the sunset and the next day drove to Seattle, however I became very ill and had to be rushed home and into the doctors- a sever reaction to the cough medicine and then onto antibiotics
I owe Becky a trip to Seattle. We are now caught up to July 7th. There are a lot of exciting things happening here and Mary is just a delight and such a huge help that yarn is flying off the wheels.
Dad is much better and is starting to get out and do fun things with Steven.
Steven is working hard and helping Mike with the continuing Kitchen project.
Becky is well and her garden is overflowing with produce
Mary is working on so many projects- all important and all done well.
Jan is looking forward to taking her sheep to Sock Summit
Don, Emma, Mark and Abel and "the inside baby" Vader Ryderwood are all doing well. They have purchased a truck to haul building materials and pigs.. there is progress on the floors and Emma is looking forward to having that completed.
The weather has been pretty cool and rainy. We had several days of perfect weather while we were in Canada but it has gone back to early spring weather. Since Mary and I are spending every day working our brains out we hardly notice until Mary starts to shiver.... I've got to finish dinner and return to work! Look forward to some new things coming soon!

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