Tuesday, August 16, 2011

I hate the leaving

I love the arriving.
Mary left for school on Saturday and we both tried not to cry, and I know she did better than I did.

We had been to Jan's on Friday for a farewell party for Mary and I tried not to cry there as well, but I didn't do as well as Mary. On our way home from the party we were very quiet, Mary trying to remember all the things to pack and me thinking of all the work we got done.

We made over 100 skeins, 4 new color-ways, a whole new production system, a calender system (both new things I've been taught to use). We are working on 4 orders and our huge order for Jennifer Knits Vogue Knitting Live is only 12 skeins away from being complete, deadline for finish Sept. 15th- we are almost 3 weeks ahead.

We have a new line of dyed silk scarves that we will lanch in the Fall.

I've been able to work in one place for all summer, a lovely warm but not too hot perfect summer of joy and productivity.

Steven comes tomorrow so the tremendous production overhaul will continue.

But time flows faster and faster, Ms. Audrey remarked the other day that life is like a roll of toilet paper the more you use the faster it goes.

Summer is drawing to a close. Steven is going to help me pack up the factory and haul it down to Los Angeles for the Fall where I'll be probably until November. Mike is working hard to at least have drywall up in the kitchen before I come down but talks about BBQ's and paper plates.

Lily and Cleo continue to prosper but are missing Mary as both are pressed against me at night, no bed hopping. Lily has become more affectionate suddenly, another milestone? Maybe taking lessons from Cleo? She is also enjoying being brushed which is new and welcome as she has sharp teeth and will use them.

I'm still coughing but not as much my energy level has gone up and things have been easier, with enough rest I'm sure I'll be almost 100% by October LOL it has been months and so slow the recovery that has me feeling every bit of the 50 + years I've acquired. Taking care of business I've been to the dentist and there is work to be done, several more appointments have been made and Dr. Grim and I will be good friends again.

I can hardly wait to show you the new color-ways but there is more development to be done before we reveal them.

Emma and Vadar Ryderwood are well and thriving. Mark and I had a really long conversation on the phone, he is old enough for a real conversation and has a wonderful imagination. He has embraced being 3 1/2 and looking forward to being 4 and has decided that his peddless bike is for babies and that he should have a pedal one. He's willing to pass his baby one to Abel putting the idea to Fairy Grandmother Trish is genius! Especially with Mom and Dad busy with contruction of massive dimentions coming with massive building bills.... genius pure genius.
Ms Audrey has also had dental work but Farmer Al continues to recover from his Pnemonia (same bug as I had just took a different path with Al).

Becky is pickling, harvesting, freezing, jamming, and drying produce of every kind. Jars and packages all ready for the dark days of winter. I've been helpping out by using things from last year....yummm Blue-Barb (Blue Berries with my own Rubarb) with Greek Non Fat yogurt. I've been enjoying pickled Green Beans too! This year all the pickled green beans will be from Becky's garden. Potato's are taking over her yard and I'm looking forward to smashed potato's.

But for today Mary has left and both Mariel and Mary are getting ready for the last year of school. Steven is getting to leave LA and stressing about packing, but I'm looking forward to his arriving, I love the arriving!

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Pam said...

So glad to hear you're on the mend. We're looking forward to seeing the new colorways and scarves when you visit this October!