Tuesday, September 20, 2011

The Leaving and the Arriving

How I spent my Summer! 
and Plying
After Mary left Steven arrived and shortly afterwards so did my SIL and BIL. We all met up in Silverton and a short holiday. We went to the Silverton Farmers market and purchased all things good

We returned to Becky's house along the bridge spanning Silver Creek
After putting all the groceries away we went to the Silverton Art Festival
We returned home and made dinner Fried Green Tomato's from Becky's garden
Matt made fried Chicken
and Becky made grilled squash
Next morning Matt made French Toast with home grown strawberries
Then a stroll around The Oregon Gardens

Back to work Snow Pillow Cashmere all 24 skeins finished and ready for washing

Another break Emma and Don's 5 Wedding Anniversary party with Pig Roast
Emma and Don renewing their vows
Mark trying to be good
Let's Eat!
The Dentist, during my bi-annual cleaning some small decay was found, another appointment scheduled and disaster, not only decay in one tooth but two and then one of them cracked and all of a sudden it was two crowns....

My tooth
The next day it was off to Oregon State Fair to volunteer spin at the Aurora Colony Spinning Guilds booth during which we had the pleasure of this group
Here are some of the other spinners
Emma and Don stopped by the next day and we feasted
It was damp and cold so Steven started the fire
Meanwhile I made more Pillow Cashmere this time 12 jumbo skeins of Cream

But that's not all the yarn that was being made we have worked all summer on yarn for Vogue Knitting Live
This is all the yarn that Jennifer Knits will be selling at VK Live

Sadly my dental problems were not over and I had to have a root canal on one of the teeth with a new crown another day at the dentist and Steven bought me this huge bottle for pain relief
Finally all the yarn was labeled and ready so it was time to start packing for our move to Lakewood Ca. a journey of 1000 miles. We will be living and working in LA during the winter. It is a huge undertaking to move a yarn factory!

One last job was Lavender harvest. It was very pleasant until I stepped on a Yellow Jackets Hornets nest which flew up my skirt and all around me!
My hand blew up straight away along with several other stings, some I can't show you due to modesty

I took more Advil and hung all the Lavender!
The next day Steven and I finished packing and drove 18 1/2 hours to Lakewood with two cats, Yarn Factory, and personal items enough for the winter!
This week is the finishing touches to get ready for the big weekend. Lots of fun this weekend for sure. I hope to see you there!

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