Sunday, July 03, 2011

Touching Base

I'm just checking in. Becky and I are having a short vacation in Vancouver BC Canada. We went Whale Watching today and tomorrow we are going to Stanley Park. I keep thinking of the trip Blair and I took before I was married and keep looking for her in the passenger seat, although Becky is a good substitute.
Mary is house sitting at Becky's house and we are both sad she isn't with us. Steven is working hard in Los Angeles. Emma and Don are having a work party at their house. Mike is working hard on the job and supervising plumbers on the kitchen remodel.
Lily and Cleo are at Becky's house enjoying Sam's company.
I'll post pictures when I get a minute... I have lots of pictures of Black Sheep Gathering, and now our vacation.
Mary and I are going to work on a new color-way when I get home, more to follow.....

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