Monday, June 20, 2011

To Celebrate Life

A long stay in St. Helens has seen a lot of yarn made and shipped out. Here is a little of what we've been doing.......
Northwest Summer in Merino/Angora/Cashmere

Pillow Cashmere in Beaded Lavender Moon
Multnomah Falls in Beaded Pillow Cashmere
It's hard to see them in there but there are about 350 beads in this skein
A day out with Jan and Mary saw this display of purple outside a cup cake shop in Oregon City
Jan, Mary and I went on a tour of artists studio's in Beavercreek Oregon. This shop was built by a husband for his wife as her potting studio....
Another Artist's studio
This artist is doing a living wall picture. She is a mosaic artist so this is a living mosaic,
Leaving St. Helens I snapped this picture of the blooming Wisteria around the porch this is only the second time it has ever bloomed. I'm so happy!
Shopping so Mary had food while I was in LA. we found these desserts for sale. As near as we could tell there are two slabs of chocolate between layers of frosting on top of a brownie. It was too much for us!
Steven took me on some deliveries and we had lunch/dinner and this is what I had...
The back yard in Los Angeles is in full bloom and I harvested these strawberries
My Ruana in progress. I have 4 projects going at once. I had this project on hold long enough to spin some more yarn for it. I think I have enough to finish. The project is easy enough for a plane trip but too bulky.
More roses
Jan's Meyer Lemon tree is starting to set fruit!
This is our Lemon Grass
This is a huge plant that has come up in the back yard and Mike has let it. It is taking over the yard though and we are uncertain if it's friend or foe
I love this rose

This Oregano is past ready for harvest but it is covered with bees so we've left it for our endangered bees to feast on. As the kitchen is still apart there is no cooking so let the bees to it.

Father's Day was a picnic at Dad's train club at Griffith Park Ca. Mike and I strolled through the Farmers Market and I went crazy with the fruit
The Trains
I've had a great time here and am going to knit with my friends at Jennifer Knits. Then back home and then Black Sheep Gathering. I'm looking forward to seeing lots of my friends. I have a great outfit for the Spinners Lead that I bought with Gina in Tulsa OK.
While I was here it was my Brother's and Mother in Law's birthdays. It was great and to see family on both sides. It is kinda sad to leave but I'm very excited to get back to making yarn.

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Pam said...

I love the pictures! Especially the purple flowers :)

I hope you're bringing pillow cashmere to Westport Yarns in October! Lavender Moon and/or northwest winter (hint, hint, wink).

Looks like you had a lovely visit.