Thursday, June 09, 2011

A week of progress

Now this is the way to wake up, after a long night of plying a short but enough sleep and then this.. Mary getting the day into action by tea, popovers, bacon and yogurt!

This week we dyed fiber and then went to Becky's house and here are the spinner boxes ready to go out!
I had pulled some Rhubarb, Becky and I went to Farmers Market and bought Strawberries so we Jammed!
This is my new project with Discovery Forest in Super-wash Merino and I thought I might need help but with Mary, no additional help required! This pattern in in a new book "10 Secrets of the Laid Back Knitter"- and if you look carefully you will see yours truly under resources! I loved this pattern because of the leaves-prefect for Discovery Forest!
Restful Sunday-Mary had the day off and so Becky and I went out into her garden and weeded, and re potted and planted more plants! We took a few moments to rock but mostly it wasn't restful Sunday
On Monday we met up with Jan and went to this restaurant Singing Hill Cafe in Oregon City! They have lots of living walls and so I snapped a few pictures for Becky

We then decided to go to Jan's house and I got to spin samples on Jan's Druik wheel
While Mary knit
Here are some skeins of Northwest Summer-even though our weather in the Pacific Northwest isn't quite there yet I thought I'd post these. Mary keeps us happy by announcing the weather in Alabama-which today is high of 95 with 44% humidity. Here in St. Helens it's going to be 74 but just now it's 65 we had the heater on last night,
Next week I'll be flying to Los Angeles to see Mike and Steven. I'll be dropping by Jennifer Knits on Tuesday June 21st for an extended yarn drop off- which is a less then a trunk show, but there will be some yarn. I'll be knitting with the ladies and chatting with Jennifer about VK Live in Los Angeles. Steven is going to the Service for Ompa (SIL's Dad) today and I'm so bummed I can't be there. So keep our family in your thoughts.
Mike found Cyruss, missing for 12 days, under the house. We can't imagine how he got under there and Mike had given him up for lost until this morning when Cyruss decided to let him know where he was.
Steven is my Knight in Shining Armor taking my Dad to the Doctors and other long chores for my Dad whom has been recovering from Surgery. I know they had Sushi and something about a hair cut! I'm going to be spending time with him on Father's Day and for awhile that didn't seem like it was going to happen as complications from surgery almost, well another story!
Becky is in WI on a business trip. She sent video's of the thunder storm that raged last night. I haven't heard from her this morning but I know she said she was coming home on Friday.
We had dinner with Emma, Don and the boys last night, Heaven! They had all had hair cuts and Mark's curls are still present, just waves instead of the ringlets. He really looks like a young boy now as Emma and I both think that he has grown a foot this last month. We are hosting a Restful Sunday here at Tanglewood Central and welcoming Bill (Don's Dad) and Peter (Don's brother) a treat to host them as they have hosted me plenty!
Mary continues to be a total joy and helpmate. Her computer skills have been put to the test and she has risen to the challenge. She is skeining endless amounts of yarn and made lengthy lists and made all things easy here. I find myself dreading the day she leaves (it's on the calendar and therefore I see it daily) however we have chatted about further visits and projects so I'm not as bummed as I might be.
I have been battling stress of every kind. With taxes looming and bills flying in and orders going out it has been a lot of work and worry lately. I've been trying to balance but....... my body has been telling me that it isn't 25. I've been having treatments and stretching the body, and my friend Lynn Wilson has had me on a prayer list and wouldn't you know it's all working.
Ms. Audrey has had some time off but is going to host Mary and I at Black Sheep Gathering. Farmer Al is driving the 5th Wheel down to Eugene OR. and we are camping out! If you are planning to be at BSG please plan on attending the Spinners Lead on Saturday night~ you know who will be MC"ing again and you'll get to meet Mary!

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