Thursday, June 02, 2011

The progress

I told you it wouldn't be long! I've been thinking about you but just haven't been able to take the time to write. However it's now on the schedule so things are going along well for us.
Steven had been here at Tanglewood Central (St. Helens) while I was away in Maryland, Manhattan and CT. Then Mary came! Mary is our new PiPn intern standing here with Steven at Voodoo Doughnuts, look at the size of Steven's treat

We let Mary rest for one day and then off to NwRSA Conference. Linda is undoing my terrible mistake in the Ruana I'm knitting. I dropped stitches on the plane and tried to pick them up, I failed and she took the project away from me and handed it back healed!
NwRSA Conference
Alexandra talking with Jill (of Ashland Bay Trading Co)
Mary enjoying knitting time
I won this basket from a raffle ticket I bought YEAH!
Terry is a former Tanglewood spinner, she won Best in Show for her skein at Conference! She is sporting the Tiara she won
Restful Sunday at Becky's house started with a work meeting then Becky and I went out to her garden to plant things while Mary and Steven worked on Computer stuff

Here is Mary in Tanglewood Central's production room working on computer stuff with Cleo's help
Lily post shave enjoying a sleep while we worked

Mary helped with dyeing and laid out all this fiber to dry! Isn't it beautiful?

With Mary at the scheduling helm work is getting done at a lighting pace so I was able to notice the Edelweiss blooming!

With Mary's help we are also getting some free time. The weather has been terrible so our Memorial Day picnic was indoors and Emma brought over the boys and made scones here we are enjoying our 4:00 tea and scones with Becky's homemade jams

Yesterday the morning went from bad to worse nothing was going right for me. Yarn wasn't spun right, money wasn't flowing like water in but out! Mike was bummed because I'm only able to spend 7 days in LA after a two month separation and then I learned my SIL lost her wonderful father.... Mary was so great and supportive on this black day (plus another day of driving cold rain) and so suggested we make popovers...

I had a glass of Glen....

This beautiful skein was for a custom order, and I spun it too thick.... now I have to try again waaaaaa

Mary wanted to start this morning off right so brought me breakfast in bed. It was amazing and cheered me right up. I worked on my scarf a little while eating this feast

We then went down to the dye studio and dyed 6 pound of fiber which is now drying, next off to the post office with lots of yarn to be sent out and then?
We are going to Silverton for First Friday tomorrow and I think both of us are really looking forward to it! Becky has promised a salad of fresh greens that are growing in her garden.
Please keep my SIL in your thoughts and wish her family well. So sad especially with Father's Day so close.

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