Wednesday, June 01, 2011

The long month

Warning warning warning blogger changed the way we load our pictures so this blog is upside down so if you would like this in chronological order then use the down button and head towards the bottom of the blog, which is where I'll start.. see you there

after Cynthia and parted, she sent me this great picture from a lavender farm in Normandy my Lavender this year won't be good as our weather has been terrible and the winter damaged the plants beyond hope. I'll have to replant but am too sad to think about it. While away having a great time ( and by the way check out Westport Yarns blog about how great the dye class went) Steven got the Internet here at Tanglewood St. Helens! I'm on a strict schedule and regular blogging is on it.
Updates; Mike continues working on the kitchen remodel of Tanglewood South.
Steven is now working from Tanglewood South on many infrastructure projects for Tanglewood -all locations
Becky has planted her garden and is looking forward to hosting us (Mary the new PiPn intern and I) for First Friday in Silverton (Tanglewood East) this weekend and starting to harvest the salad greens from the garden
Emma and Donal have announced a new Turrentine coming Jan. 7th and work has really been getting done at Isadore Acres trying to beat that deadline. Could not be more happy and excited!
Cleo and Lily are great, even though Cleo had a vet visit for a tummy trouble seems fine and happy. Lily got shaved and is getting regular combings now that she is at Tanglewood Central (St. Helens)
Lots of Fun and visits are being planned and on the calendar! I'll be blogging soon!

Back in Oregon Becky adds this plant to her green house for fly patrol

A bunch of Multnomah Falls in Merino Angora Cashmere

While staying with Beth owner of Westport Yarns presented me with this bouquet of Lilacs sigh.....

Above is Discovery Forest in Merino Angora Cashmere

This is the new colorway Discovery Forest beautifully photographed by Chloe of Knitting Central and is for sale via them, this first picture (if you are going from bottom to top) is the Cashmere/Silk that is beaded including Petrified Wood!

Dani standing by with my suitcase than held the dye studio! I didn't bring my spinning wheel so that I could bring a whole dye studio- can't imagine what TSA thought of it!

Almost complete

On location for the Dye Workshop and expecting inclement weather Beth bought a huge tent here is the assembly

all too soon it was time to move on to Westport CT for a trunk show and dye work shop. I was so grown up and made my way to Grand Central Station and bought my ticket and beautiful is this station!

On my last day in Manhattan I went to the Alexander McQueen exhibit-dark and interesting then went onto the VanCleef Arpels exhibit in the Cooper Hewett Museum. This place was breath taking and the exhibit was a jaw dropper. I wondered how many of the pieces on display had been worn in that very building......

Cynthia took me through the subway. I had to learn the right way to travel; 1. Don't make eye contact with anyone. 2. Don't talk to anyone even if they talk to you 3. always look down. Having said that was nearly impossible to not do any of those three things especially the looking up- people watching on the subway is high adventure!

This is the view out her window, which I found fascinating so many interesting and old buildings of every style

This is a really special knife

One of our visits was to our mutual friend Rose Levy Beranbaum. She's a knitter and a baker extraordinaire the author of The Cake Bible, The Bread Bible and Heavenly Cakes... This picture is sideways but it is a cowl that she made out of Tanglewood yarn

around the corner from Cynthia's house is the Corner Bakery, it rocks and I love this light

While in Manhattan I went to this shop and met my newest friend Alba she has the warmest hands....

There was one left over for Rick's lunch so Cynthia hung it on the door to remind him!

I offered to make Popovers for Rick and Cynthia so she bought this very special pan for the occasion!

While Cynthia and I were pal-ing around in New York, Westport Yarns got their Trunk Show yarns and Beth put them on display isn't it gorgeous!

Our favorite the bread counter

Looking above was our trip to Zarbars and again my mouth was wide open in awe..... this picture is of the cheese counter

As we raced through the city we drove by Times Sq.
Bryant Park the famous site of my favorite Project Runway another once in a lifetime for me!
This was our guide, we never got her name but she was French so if you go try and get her as your guide she was the best and funny!!!

here and above are views in the library-again breathtaking- my mouth hung open the entire time
My friend Cynthia having a milestone awesome

Cynthia and I had a week together, a long week of talking yarn and eating amazing food and seeing amazing things. We had some goals to check off, things on Cynthia's bucket list. One of them was a trip to New York City Library. My friend Blair's brother works there but was away at the time so we went on our own. It was an awesome day
While I was in New York Steven, Becky and Ms. Audrey were making yarn!
Empire State Building at the end of this street-it looked a lot closer in person
The Washington Park Arch lit at night after our Mother's day celebration
Go up from here
On our way to the restuarant we passed by Washington Park in the Village and there was a huge bed of Hosta's look down from here
Art and Music were everywhere on this gorgeous Mothers Day
Our dessert!
Hello! Maryland Sheep and Wool were just the best. I have no pictures as I was too busy to take any. I believe Mariel posted some and Cynthia at Knitting Central so if you want to see some of that event then look for those blogs. It was great having time with Alexandra, Mariel, Maria and Nathan. It was great weather and not such a huge crowd as last year.
On the Sunday (Mothers Day) Rick and Cynthia picked me up and we drove to New York. It was a lovely drive and Rick was a total hero. We got to New York and went to dinner with her family. My family called me and it was great but being with a Mother (especially Cynthia's Mom) was too wonderful for words. I've been missing my Mom and would give anything to spend Mothers Day with her, but being included in Cynthia's family was killer and generous. On with the pictures look up now!

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