Saturday, April 30, 2011

What a difference a day can make

Here we are in the production room with Ms. Audrey winding yarn which got shipped out on Wednesday
After I got home from shipping all the yarn and fiber I dyed 3 pounds of Merino Angora Cashmere, while the dye pots simmered I weeded and look at the Freckled Violets
I told you there was a lot of yarn to skein and there was more before we shipped it out and then I made some more yarn, so there is a lot of yarn here!
To reward ourselves for all the good work we did on Wednesday Ms A, our friend Marlyn and I went to the Aurora Colony Hand-spinners Guild all day spin in
It was so wonderful to meet new people and renew old friendships. While at the Spin in Shelley from Loops called wanting to know if Mariel was all right as she lives in Tuscaloosa Al. Thankful she is fine but our new intern Mary's house was destroyed. My heart goes out to all that went through this truly awful event.

We are having a "garage sale" and I took several cars/trucks over to Jeff who is getting everything running and helping us sell things, he has a one year old girl, these are her new rain boots.... I wish they had them in 71/2's....
Tomorrow is another day and I'm thanking God I didn't have to survive that awful storm.
Mike is continuing the remodeling of the kitchen, more electrical work has been done and now Mike and his buddy Jack are planning the plumbing.
Becky is planning another weekend of gardening as the weather is supposed to be nice here this weekend.
Steven is packing and getting ready to come north to Oregon on Monday, but again was the hero taking my Dad to the doctors and then to the hospital.
The Turrentine "North" Family is still planning on coming over for restful Sunday
Spent the day driving I did so much driving around the northern half of Oregon I feel like I could be in LA by now. Sadly Woodland Wool Works is closing so we made a last trip there today. I'm exhausted as I stayed up for most of the Royal Wedding this morning and Ms A was here at 9:00 am sharp, and now it's after 1:00 am so I'm going but I had to touch base with you!

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