Monday, April 25, 2011

These Happy Days

Yarning, I had a lot to do before Mike came up for our 30th Wedding Anniversary, make as much yarn as possible and then after he leaves more yarn. It was 4 days of wonderful fun but first the yarn; these are 5 skeins of Cashmere top two are Columbia Gorgeous and the bottom three are Multnomah Falls, which two of these skeins now lives at Knitterly....
These skeins are for an order, Northwest Autumn in Pillow Cashmere
Rain rain and more rain, the day Mike was coming was a really cold wet day
The next day Mike and I visited Emma, Don and the babies. This is an Elk's view of their property can you make out the little house at the bottom of the hill? The trees haven't got their leaves yet!
Mike Emma and Don miles ahead of me
This is Abel playing catch with the neighbor dog
Then it was off to the Oregon Gardens at Moonstone Lodge. Here are Tulips from the Tulip Festival making our table festive!
The next day we strolled all around the gardens and while being very cold the sky stayed clear. I thought this trellis was a good use of old ladders and thought about the ones we have up in the barn.....
In the children's garden was a little train, I sent the picture to my Dad to cheer him up!
We ducked under this roof to wait out a rain shower and Mike loved the sturdy craftsmanship

There is Mike reading way ahead of me again
After we were done at the Oregon Gardens we took a drive up to Silver Falls, it was cold but brilliant!

See this little wildflower I spotted

We went back to Becky's house and dropped off our Anniversary present two wrought iron rocking chairs but Mike couldn't fit them in his car for the return journey so Becky is chair sitting for us!
Mike too soon was on his way back to California and I made yarn. The next day Becky, her friend Mary and I went on a tour of the Seabright Hosta Garden and then came back and planted more plants
While the weather was lovely I hung out to dry our new color-way Discovery Forest left to right Superwash Merino, Merino/angora/cashmere, the last skein is Cashmere/Silk beaded with beads and Petrified Wood!

Becky got busy and planted all the new plants with Mary's help

We enjoyed the warm afternoon with tea in the garden
Can you see Cleo in the top right of the fence!

I went to the Aurora Fiber Sale and got some more of Trish's sheep wool with Cashmere/Silk dyed carded into it. I've started a project!
While I knit Jan spun this skein of wool and silk
All too soon it's time to go back to real work. I was going to dye today but Cleo had to go to the vet and so I'm still waiting for laundry to dry and to continue packing up, after 10 days here in Silverton. We are watching Cleo as we aren't sure if something is wrong or too much strange cat food was eaten this weekend.
I know that I had way too much chocolate but ummm it was all good. Becky gave me an Easter Egg hunt! It was so much fun and the first egg hunt since I was 5, long time ago in the past Century even!
Steven comes next week to do a major business overhaul, Mike is working hard remodeling the kitchen in California.
Becky is so happy so many plants are planted. She is looking forward to more nice days, today isn't one of them and not hosting a sick cat.
Emma, Don and the boys are good, and I'm looking forward to our shopping day on Wed.
Thursday is the Aurora Guild Spin-in, which I will be attending. I look forward to seeing all my good mates.
Yarn is getting shipped out this week! Yeah

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