Friday, April 08, 2011


It's not very spring like here, and I know most everyone feels that way. It snowed and hailed here the day before yesterday making me very glad that I had too many jobs to do around the house so I didn't have to leave the "compound"....
The sound of the hail was like a freight train.... look at how few Daff's are up!

I have made yarn. I've been spinning and plying and washing yarn. Today I'll be dyeing and then back to plying. I've done lots of beaded yarn so there are many many beads under my chair. Cleo is my shadow wanting to be anywhere I am in the house. Unfortunately it's not always possible to eat, ply, spin with a 18 pound cat draped all over one.
Emma and I never got to the Zoo the weather was even too bad for us. Instead we drove into Portland and between the showers and the naps (the boys not us) we had a good time anyway. I still have a block from the New York Skyline set (I had purchased while at MoMa in NYC) in the car, a lasting memory from a fun day.
Becky and I had loads of fun at Garden Paloosa, bought many plants which I have to plant, hopefully today, while the sun is out, although the wind is strong and it looks cold out there.
Mike is coming in a week from today and I can't believe I've been married 30 years, especially since my internal age is 25! LOL. I look forward to our time at the Oregon Gardens and spending time with my favorite man.
Steven has been quiet, he has been spending time with my Dad whom has had back surgery, things went well now just a long recovery.
30 years... doesn't seem possible! Make it a great day you have the power!

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