Monday, April 04, 2011

The Last Few Days

I've been here and there and then back again but have been too busy to post pictures! But now in the quiet moment between going home to St. Helens and off to the Zoo with Emma, Mark and Abel....
Becky's back yard with Bob's trees in full bloom
The Chickens
Now on the long road to Walla Walla this is the Columbia River Gorge

Cleo the traveling cat
More road
Beth's house and dessert
My bed with a present on it!
New Fancy Lady shoes!
Here is Beth getting on her horse for her lesson
Mike (not My Mike Horse Whisperer Mike) working Layla
Beth now riding!
Hot Lemon Tea made with lemons that I brought from our tree in California and Theo's chocolate
Angela is going home! This is the Train Station in Kelso Wa.
Angela departing into the Sunset
Balloons for Mark and Abel's birthday
Here is the Balloon Tower I somehow got from Burgerville and The Donal Turrentine Family's home in progress- so much progress done drywall and everything!
Then back for a weekend of fun at Becky's. She has had her backyard landscaped so here it is!

We went to Garden Paloolsa this weekend It was wonderful here are a few plants we bought
Then dinner with SueEllen and Paul
We were given sourdough starter and Becky and I have been feeding it and so we made bread this weekend

While we were making bread Cleo was very serious about looking out the window at...

It's hard to see but there is a grey squirrel in the middle of this picture!
Then Work to be done. Mataniu came over and skeined. Bet Angela is relieved not to do that job any more!

I have to fly but wanted to catch up with all the happenings. This week is a work week and I'm alone making yarn!
Becky and I are probably going to the Oregon Gardens next weekend to another plant sale, or not. I'm getting ready for Mike to come to Oregon for our 30th wedding anniversary! Make it a great week!

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