Monday, April 11, 2011

Happy Weekend!

Friday I started by writing to you, then got ready to start the real making of yarn for the day, when Emma called and asked if I needed help, well of course I said yes. I then went down stairs to get things ready and look at who was outside the window!
This was the scene last Tuesday hail, snow and more hail
What a difference on Friday so warm and sunny we had the doors open and Emma wore sandals
Still no Blue Bells blooming but at least the Daffs are almost all out
The dye studio in production
While I dye fiber I work on hulling lavender that has been drying since the summer, this makes the dye studio smell wonderful
Here is Mark enjoying some Train fun
These are Daff's that Emma took home to her house
Then to celebrate all the wonderful work I got done I settled down to spin on the Antique Spinning Wheel with some of "my" Sheep's, Trish's, wool and Cashmere/Silk that Jan had blended it is heaven....
Since I got so much completed and everything was still drying on Saturday we went to the Zoo!
Then I went for a walk around Portland by myself, stopped at Powells and had a bite out then collected the car at the Park and Ride
Got home to find this creature, who we named Melvin
Here, this is my shoulder....
Ann my neighbor removed Melvin (by taking the tweezers and pulling gentle at the head and then placed him in alcohol for the Doctor to test him) and administered Oban(Scotch)medicinally of course!
This is the most amazing Ephyllium the blossom is almost as large as a salad plate
This is called Peter Pan and the blossoms are just tiny but every bit as cheerful
Then Ms Audrey asked me to the Symphony on Sunday, what a great performance!
The Hall
Then we went for dessert
This was too much cake even for me.....
Back home to do a special spinning job

Drying yarn!
Drying fiber
While Ms. A and I skeined yarn and weighed out fiber Cleo slept in the Fireworks basket, how can this be comfortable?
Mike is coming on Friday! Can't wait to see him, but lots of yarn has to be made before that! Happy Fibering!

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