Friday, March 25, 2011

On My Way to Walla Walla

Spring in St. Helens
These "Susan" cookies figured heavily this summer on our road trips
the new color-way Discovery Forest
Becky is having the back yard remodeled
Another sign of Spring

I'm off to Beth's house with 7 spinner boxes and 4 orders to ship today! There are lots of singles in be plied. A lovely evening with my daughter-man is she smart! Steven is holding down the fort in LA worried about choosing the right faucets and sinks, he has my back.
Angela is having a weekend in Seattle-girlfriend time.
Cleo is coming along with me to Walla Walla via the Honda dealership as "Ponda" (Pat's Honda long story) needs things (code A126).
Emma and Don (and boys) are spending the week fixing there car too. I'm hoping to see them next week.
Meanwhile it's on the road!

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