Wednesday, March 23, 2011

More of the same

It has been awhile for me to feel that I can get to jobs that I haven't had time for. For months it's been hurry up and make as much yarn as fast as possible. This week while laying low to give the bod time to heal I've been working on the little jobs. One was get laundry done. I had a tangle of hangers and had no energy to untangle them so found the beauty in them as a sculpture.

Yarn Market News Conference was amazing. Ladies kept telling me about the goodies bag well here is the contents.....
the Toilet, I'm not sure if I want to make that many decisions...
I felt compelled to put make-up on as it was set up for a fancy lady!
The sitting room
My bed! I didn't spend enough time here
Best Mates! Cynthia (Knitting Central,) Chloe (Knitting Central) the famous Lisa Hoffman (Designer and String employee)from left to right at dinner
One for the road umm who had wine?
My project while listening, everyone had knitting
Chloe working while eating her favorite Potato chips Kettle!
Dinner with Angela at the fancy restaurant in the hotel
After the Conference I was still buzzing and so marched Angela to Elephants in Portland for lunch. I was so impressed with this gals artistry I had her make me a fire baked pizza
A very famous designer is going to work with this, again chasing the greys away
Angela and Cleo having Fluffing fun!
We are shipping out yarn this week Yeah!

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Jennifer said...

Trish - it looks like such fun. I must say I LOVED the hanger sculpture. So much more fun to think of it as art than work.