Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Grey Days

Mom always said wear bright clothing on dreary or "dirty" days like today. I always think of her putting on some bright color when the back ground is like today. Grey. While spring is here, the daffodils are just starting and the crocuses are doing their best, it's still pretty grimly grey.
If you go in the shops, people are grumbling about the grey, go outside and get pelted with hail or a sudden downpour. The streets are grey, the clouds are grey, the lavender plants look like big soot piles on the very green lawn.
Since I am fighting the chest cold that is going around, my mood has been grey. Yarn has to be made so I've been spinning Erica's Sunstone and Calypso Cove.

These are very bright and a perfect way to help with the doldrums of this "endless monsoon"
Ms Audrey and Farmer Al came by yesterday to fix up the new mail box. Al is not one for these modern fancy things. I bought a locking box so as not to loose anything important, and hopefully break the bat of the next mailbox baseball gamer that drives down the lane. Al not impressed, "it'll just be that much more of a temptation" said Al. Grey. If you are waiting for some Calypso Cove or Erica's Sunstone- good chance it's coming your way very soon! Combat the Grey wear the brightest colors in your closet! cough cough sniff snuffle.....

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