Thursday, March 17, 2011

Keep going

Cleo is snuggling up close and I was glad as it's been quite the process getting the Yarn factory in order enough to get really amounts of yarn completed
One joyous occasion was Val came to Oregon to have Girl Friend Fun with Becky and I here we are on First Friday at Silver Grille having dessert they are sharing Flan....
Angela and I shared this...
Val and Becky like nothing better than cooking in the kitchen! Becky was having the ladies from work over for a knitting tea party...
Becky had to go to Wisconsin for business so Angela and I took Val to the Oregon Gardens as another one of our passions is gardening
At the Oregon Gardens they were having an Orchid Judging and we got to see some of the submissions

Outside again was this fountain love it!
It's really looking springy here in Oregon
One of our fun times with Val was to go to Jan's house to look at sheep and have tea! Lemon Curd that Jan made
Jan's stock ready for a show
Jan showing Angela and Val her studio and her glass works
All too soon Val was going home and we are back to work
Happiness is full spinner boxes going out to spinners
And Full bobbins! This is Sterling Silver beaded yarn,
While we were having fun in Silverton we went to a Seed Exchange... I exchanged Money for this lovely Pansy
Angela plying
I survived the Yarn Market News Conference which was wonderful. Mariel is in New York doing Internship interviews. Angela is fluffing fiber for spinning. Mike is having a Birthday today and took the day off to do more demolition on the kitchen which is almost ready for the construction. Cleo is with Becky whom is sick. Ms. Audrey is doing paper work in the office, poor Audrey....
Cynthia (Knitting Central) is back from YMN and all my new and old friends that were there.
Steven is tying all my accounts together, so now Facebook, Twitter and the Blog are all coordinated, as per one of the many classes I took this past week. I'm resting today because I exhausted with all the moving, house sitting, parties and then Yarn Market News Conference. Today I spun on the antique wheel that sits in the front room watching the day unfold, the deer that just ran by, the crows that are pulling all the broken branches from the terrible rain and wind storms that we've had in the last week to make nests with and the rain, hail and sun-breaks that have all happened here. David Greenleaf (my arborist) has planted two more fruit trees, another peach, and an asian pear. The asian pear looks like it's getting ready to bloom, the native rose bush I got at Black Sheep many years ago is also budded up. The Blue Bells are up and the buds are just starting to poke out from the bottom of the greenery. Ms. Audrey says it's time for me to get to the office work so break time is over. I miss all my friends and Mike today, but glad to have some quiet time.....

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