Friday, March 11, 2011

Factory Update

This is what Angela and I left behind... Los Angeles traffic. We were stuck for about 2 hours and moved 7 miles in that time. Why? They closed a lane for construction....

We made it up to Fairfax and were hosted by Pat, Bill and John. We dropped off Yarn at Atelier Marin and Knitterly. We were towing the trailer but the car was well packed!
On our way up we checked and there were sever weather warnings so Angela got to see the Redwoods and we stopped to see the elk
We had lunch at Crescent City and viewed these California Sea Lions
Angela having lunch
Scooters in the surf with one large rain drops

We drove up 199 from Crescent City to Grants Pass Or. when we hit the snow
We had to stay with Becky for a few days as the roads to St. Helens were too snowy and icy
Finally we made it to St. Helens. There was some snow on the ground but it started again when we arrived and when we woke up the next morning we were snowed in...

We were fine and it melted the next day but it was really lovely while it was here. Not if you had to drive in it.
We got to visit with Emma, Don and the boys and I have pictures. Don loaned me the Internet so I've got it for a while. Tomorrow Ean comes to visit with Angela, but before that Angela and I will go to the Aurora Colony Hand spinning Guild's Antique Spinning Wheel Showcase then Angela and Ean have a full weekend planned. I will be meeting up with a lot of my yarny friends for the Yarn Market News Conference here in Portland Or. Meanwhile lots of dyeing and spinning is happening as Spinners Boxes have been sent out in mass. Look for more posts shortly!

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