Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Home to California

I'm home in LA getting ready for all my company to spend a rocking weekend but want to finish the unbelievable trip of a lifetime, the second one in a year!

I was invited to a special knitting group this lovely lady made a boyfriend sweater knitting small amounts of her hair to overcome the "Boyfriend knitting curse"
Another one of our knitting group in a scarf made by Regina Moss
This is Tanglewood yarn being knit into a hoody sweater
Leslie Nelson original art, just like the ones the kids made for Art to Grow On
More art by famous artist of which I can't remember. One of the knitters volunteer's at MoMA
The elegant setting for our knitting night
The ladies
It was 14 and snowing when we left NYC early Tuesday morning. Steven didn't get his hot dog, pretzel or to walk in Central Park. We were just that busy, but I'm sure we are going back for next year's VK Live and hopefully Steven will be along too....

One arrival in Sunny Southern California and I went into my garden and trimmed Roses until Mike took the trimmers away fed me and put me to bed, but look at my roses.....
While I was away things bloomed. Christmas Cacti

and another Orchid ready to burst open, with 7 flower stalks
My Satsuma which I will let Jan pick tomorrow
Angela comes today and I'm so happy it was sad for Mariel not to be with us at VK Live. So happy that Angela is going to fill the void. There is a lot of work to do and lots of planning that needs to take place. Steven and I are planning on how to take Tanglewood to the next step. Wish us luck, but this weekend it's all about family and friends, I need the break and need to spend time relaxing. I'll be in Oregon soon and am planning a welcome home party to try and get caught up with all my mates up there.
If you came to VK Live thanks it was so much fun!

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Jennifer said...

Trish - fantastic photos. Sorry to have missed you at VK Live. I was camping in a tent in CT (CRAZY!). I'm trying to decide what hat to knit myself with the beautiful Northwest Winter 100% cashmere I bought last time you were at Westport Yarns. Any suggestions? Any favorites? I also want to knit a cowl with the 2nd matching skein in a cashmere/silk combo.