Sunday, February 13, 2011

Random Thoughts

We have been seriously making yarn. We even had stock for one brief moment! We went to Jennifer Knits for a meeting and a yarn delivery and while we were there I taught this knitter an easy way to cast on and join her cowl in the round, of course she is using Tanglewood!
This is work in progress, Newport Rocks in Cashmere/Silk
The dyes ready to go
While we are dyeing Angela and I sat plying
It's been a long time since we went the grocery shop and here is the result a lot of groceries
Last Sunday we had "Restful Sunday" both Angela and I had trouble sitting still but I'm glad I did as I saw the first Aprium Blossom on the tree. We also witnessed Anna's Hummingbirds courting.
We have been waiting for our shipment of Cashmere for a long time. It's not any one's fault but the weather sure made it hard....
We went right to work on it
Wednesday we had a visitor from Connecticut Jenny on the left and Angela on the right. We went to my remedial knitting class and I worked on a very sad hat. I ended up ripping it all out and starting again.....Afterwards we went out to dinner!
My Dad's been poorly so I've spent some time doing jobs, taking him to the MRI and shopping for him. While I was there knitting watching the cleaning service I started to really miss my Mom, it was so odd for her not to be sitting knitting, almost like she was just out of the room, but it was hard to pretend and I got very sad as this month marks the two year anniversary of her passing....
Look Angela's dyeing!
Erica's Sunstone in Cashmere
Sara waving to us all after another lovely day of hair magic on my head...
It's been quite a few weeks and Angela has been working hard and I think enjoying it, but she has a very quiet gentle approach to life so it's hard to tell. She is working hard and trying to keep step with me, a hard task to be sure. It takes time to really "get" what has to be done. I'm a random thinker so there is a learning curve, we are settling into a nice work pace and I'm so happy! We are still in Los Angeles dyeing up fiber and hope to be on the road later this week. So keep your fingers crossed!

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Karen said...

I already have spinning withdrawls, but hopefully i can start spinning for you guys again in a few months. I am working on getting Bryan on a nap schedule so I can have more free time. As I told Becky, the cashmere/silk combo is slow spinning for me so I need more time available in order to get it done in a timely fashion! glad to see you are busy!