Monday, January 24, 2011

The Party is Over, but never forgotten

Whoa Whoa Whoa Whoa Whoa...and add a Whoa
What a terrific Party VK Live was, wow we are all thrashed today and I have the largest blisters on my feet and my legs are just throbbing, and my face is so sore from smiling all in the best way possible! It was so much fun more than fun just terrific. Steven was so overwhelmed with the knitting fever that he is thinking of picking up the sticks.....but back to the beginning....

Here is our booth at the Hilton! This seems a huge space but wait!
Under construction we are sweating while outside the snow is blowing
Jan not wanting me to miss the happenings in Oregon on the farm sent a picture of this guy having breakfast in bed!
Meanwhile We were having sandwiches from Carnegie Deli-we feed so many people from this lunch!
Co-ordinating Chloe on the left Cynthia on the right
After lunch it was back to work.... it starts in 1 hour at this point
Our first customers
Then another post of my angels Mark and Abel enjoying a leisurely morning in Portland....
This was their view....not much different than mine the same morning prehaps ours was a bit colder and less rain, some 3000 miles away

Meanwhile in Tulsa talented Gina is working on a new weaving project! This is Lavender Moon and Newport Rocks woven together. Gina had completed 20" when this shot was taken....
Where are the rest of the pictures? Well, we were so overwhelmed with customers that we never sat down. Never... we didn't eat on Saturday (much I think Cynthia and I had a nutrition bar each) it was so hopping busy. Sunday it was a bit slower but still busy. Cathy Carron came and sat in the booth. I hope to come back in the near future for a tourist visit. Someone asked Steven what he thought of NYC and his reply was "the buildings are so tall and there is so many of them, but I've only seen the city through a taxi window...." so tired that he declined an invitation to go out with the guys last night for the Jet's game.....
I can hear Cynthia but she hasn't made an appearance. Steven has given up all thoughts of going on a tour of NYC for the day in bed. I've got my feet up as they are just so painful.

Tomorrow we fly home. We have much less luggage than we arrived with, since so many skeins are now nestled in other people's luggage.....
I'm looking forward (as usual) to being reunited with Lily (although Roxie Cynthia's dog has been a willing substitute) and having a rocking weekend with Jan and Neil! Angela flies in the day after we do and we are very excited to host her as well.

I think this show was amazing. I'm so happy but it hurts to smile.......

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