Friday, October 22, 2010

Trouble in Paradise

I've been trying to post the same pictures now for 10 days. It's not that I don't love you, blogger seems to be having trouble with my pictures. I've been trying and have super pictures to show you. I've even tried just going with what I already downloaded, but everything shuts down dramatically so I've decided to just write as I know you don't think I love you anymore.

I had a super time in Manhattan with Rick and Cynthia (Knitting Central) and my memories will be the forever kind. I can't thank them enough for a once in a life time trip.

Then another wonderful Trunk Show at Sticks and Strings. So many projects have been made with Tanglewood Yarn! I got to visit with Sharon and Howie my hosts from last year, and really got to know Tina and Cathy both whom made me laugh. Debbie who tells it straight! Over the two weeks during my visit in the east, leaves started changing and it eased my homesickness for Oregon, along with lenghty conversations with Don, Emma and Mark about apple pressing and more rodent evictions.

Back to Los Angeles and another Trunk Show at Knit Culture (Studio's) and more wonderful friends dropped by and visited. I have pictures...

Then trouble, I came home to the Plague House. Mike isn't sick often, and in the 33 years I have known him, I can count on one hand the sick days he has had. Everyone in Los Angeles and several loved ones in Oregon have this plague.
I went to the Doctor on Monday and when I asked him what it was he said he didn't know but A) it wasn't good B) did it matter?, after all sick is sick and C) everyone has had, is having, or is going to get it. I love Dr. McKinley, so off I went and got my drugs and went right to bed. Sleeping festooned with cats is lovely. They were so happy to have me in one place and quiet, every time I stirred both Cleo and Lily purred me back to sleep. Tuesday saw a new day dawn (and a really good rain along with thunder and lighting show pretty rare for Los Angeles) and by the evening I was well enough to go out to dinner, dressed. Dr. McKinley gives me good drugs!

All week I stayed home much to Mike's (along with Cleo and Lily) joy. I was attached to a spinning wheel, but I think he was happy that I was home and "resting". Although he did mention "sweat shop" once as another shipment of fiber was delivered and currently there is over 40 pounds of cashmere, 10 pounds of Cashmere/Silk and other fibers here and there sitting in boxes along with a lot of yarn drying or waiting to be skeined. Our house is looking like a sweat shop, and with fevers breaking here and there it was a sweat shop. I can't believe how much yarn we've managed to make in a week.

I fly into NY again on Wednesday and get whisked off to Hartford for Stitches East next weekend, but this weekend is for friends. Tomorrow is a meeting of "The Friends of Blair's Club" a most important meeting as it is Blair's Birthday celebration. We are going to High Tea at Huntington Gardens (I wish Mom was going) and we all are very excited about it. I still have gifts to wrap.

Sunday a dear friend is getting married. This is an especially special wedding as she has waited a long time for Mr. Right. I know she feels very lucky to find this wonderful guy and I'm so flattered and happy to be able to attend. I bought a very special outfit to wear along with shoes and purse and everything. I'm going to get my toes done up even though no one will see them.

Monday is the final work day and then Tuesday is Steven's birthday. I'm so proud and honored to have him in my life. He is a truly wonderful person.

Wednesday I fly back to LaGuardia Airport and I can only hope that I will get to see the Statue of Liberty and Ellis Island from the air again. Neither Cynthia or I have ever been to either place so both of us have it on our "bucket" list.

November 1st I'll be back in Los Angeles then off to Knitterly ( I love Petaluma) the following weekend and then up to Portland and the next day Hawaii. Becky is taking me for her birthday! One long week in Maui then back to Portland for Thanksgiving with the family at Becky's house.

Hopefully me and Blogger will sort out our problems and I'll be able to post pictures. I miss you very much. Cleo says it's time for bed and I think she is right. I hope to post pictures soon.

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