Monday, October 11, 2010

Catching up

OK things are working well with the computer and blogger! Yeah

Back to my trip to Manhattan in between my Trunk Shows (Westport Yarns and Sticks and Strings)
First Stop was the 24x7 Apple store. Cynthia says this store is as busy at 11:00 pm as it is at 11:00am.....

Here I am talking about this cabbie's horse, a 4 year old Shire cross and let me say the most handsome handsome cab horse!
I'm posing at General Sherman's Memorial (not the Civil War General)
Abel Bennet modeling his new sweater that Mom made before she passed. He is finally big enough to wear it! This was a We miss you text while I was gadding about Manhattan
This is a cowl made from Edelweiss
I'm knitting waiting for Cathy Carron at Nice Marten
Here we are I'm really happy in this picture as you can see! I get to chat with Cathy Carron the author of Cowlgirls and the Eyelet Cowl from Vogue Knits Holiday 2009
Lisa Hoffman and I modeling two Tanglewood garments designed by Lisa!
The window of "the" shop in Manhattan Bergdof Goodman's. This is a Channel dress that had woven singles out of Corridale top with long ropes of somewhat spun roving hanging from the chest. It has a price of $5100- salvage edges bah humbug
My oh my Souffle with Cynthia and Lisa
Lisa has a Maine Coon Cat that is older than Lily but is the same color.... Look how big she is!
Ahhh after an exciting time in the "City" Rick drove us back to Westport and we had this....ummmmm
My dear friends together at Cynthia's house the very talented Lynn Wilson and Cynthia
While I was in the City (these pictures are really jumbled up) Cynthia had a couple of spinning lessons....She did great!

While she was spinning, "Trish" my sheep that lives in Jan's house sent a picture of herself!
These are Pinky and Smoky the rams at Jan's house
Cynthia and Rick walking back to their flat and walking NYC style really fast!

While in the city we went to see Echart Tollie in Riverside Church which was beautiful and reminded me of the churches in England
My last day in the city Cynthia took me to "The Park" and we walked around the reservior
Gotham! Look at the weather, it was so beautiful and we had a great walk
This is a project in Multnomah Falls Cashmere/Silk that Laura E. has designed. If you love this pattern call Westport Yarns for the pattern!
here is a Museum that is around the corner from Cynthia's house!

A coffee shop

Wanted to show the lovely tree lined streets, and even though this is "The City" it still seemed rural
Another view of Gotham during our walk

On Friday it was a short journey to Sticks and Strings in Scarsdale NY look at how nice the yarn looks

Here am I spinning!

This is Tina who is beautiful wearing "her" skein of Erica's Sunstone in Cashmere/Silk. Wish this wasn't blurry
This customer had contacted me inquiring what kind of yarn I was bringing to Sticks and Strings. I asked her what kind of yarn she would like, Cashmere or Cashmere and Silk. I was hoping for a little more direction, like a color-way and how many yard she might like. When she came she found the perfect three skeins. All "One of a Kind" cashmere! Look how happy she is!!!! I love that plan
Umm dinner my favorite Artichoke
Finally got these posted!!! Thanks for waiting. I know it was long. Now that Blogger and I have come to an understanding I will post more. Glad to be back!

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