Monday, November 08, 2010

Back to the Home front

I'm back home for another short while making yarn frantically and dyeing for the first time in a few weeks. I had a ball at Stitches East with the best roommate Lynn Wilson...
But let's go back in time now to a couple of weeks ago....
Shoes, I went in for a pair and came out with 6 the most shoes I have ever bought. These are the fanciest
October 23 was a meeting of the Friends of Blair's club at Huntington Library
One of our club members couldn't make it which was sad....
Tea Sandwiches
The next day I went to Laura's wedding here they are the happy couple

Then there was skeining, invoicing and packing and off to CT for Stitches East. Lynn and I stayed at the Crown Plaza and I totally recommend it we had breakfast in bed everyday and everyone there was so very helpful and nice. This is the view from our window which is of the Connecticut River
I loved these trees
Pam, Fred and Laura at Dinner
Chocolate Souffle
A cowl being knit in Columbia Gorgeous in Cashmere and Silk
Me having a great time at Stitches
Then all too soon it was back to work. Here is the dye studio south
These are branches for a display
And now it's time to get to work as I'm leaving for Petaluma on Thursday, then onto Portland briefly and then to Hawaii. I'm looking forward to it but not really wanting to take the time to have a holiday ( it will be the first day off since The Friends of Blair's Club meeting on Oct. 23) but it still feels funny, not in a good way.

The house is clean tonight as Halda and her friend has come and gone. Val came over and talked business and dyed with me. I have a lot of fiber drying in the garage which makes me happy, along with all our spinners waiting for fiber.

Hope to see you in Petaluma!

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Anonymous said...

Love the picture of you at Stitches East. Have fun in Hawaii.