Sunday, October 03, 2010

The Fun at Westport Yarn

Here I am at Westport Yarns in Westport CT!
My host Beth (proud owner ) hosted me at her house. Where I got a peak in her bedroom and look at what was on her cosy corner in her room.....
This is Sophia.... I hated to break the news Sophia is a boy Cockatiel...
Pam is fixing a knitting problem for a customer... look at the dedication and commitment in her face. All the staff at Westport Yarns are so helpful and knowledgeable
I went accross the street for Lunch at a little market called Fresh and loookie what I found.....

Yumm the newest and softest yarn Tanglewood makes Edelweiss
Look almost finished a Lovely scarf in Cashmere/Silk in the Multnomah Falls color-way

As Pam was sorting another knitter out I completed one of Mike's gloves!!!! Happy days!!! I won't weave the ends in until he has his final fitting.
There is a problem in the bathroom at Westport Yarns. As with every older building it has some funky quirky things. There are two light switch boxes in the bathroom. One is for the bathroom light and the other is for the store lights. Even though both are clearly marked I get them wrong. While I'm standing in darkness in the bathroom turning light switches I'm also plunging the shop into darkness. At which point everyone yells WRONG ONE....... So this visit I had a good idea.
I knit a light switch cozy using a small bit of Yak/Merino
and added velcro for the cozy to adhere and cover the WRONG light switches. Further I suggested glow in the dark tape be applied to the RIGHT light switch for easier viewing. Problem solved (and by the way I'm not the only one that has had this problem)

The next day we had a power meeting at a delightful place and talked about our booth at Stitches East, and they offered for dessert, Frozen Greek Yogurt with local honey and PEACHES ummmm
The salad that we shared with fresh and pickled spiced apples again yummy
Getting ready for the Friday night reveal of Tanglewood Fiber Creations!

My Shoulder Candy that took me all summer long to knit. It's only about 7-8 ounces but has over 500 yards. This cowl features a shawl pin (Lantern Moon) I bought while on our trip this summer in Eureka California. I love Dragonflies and I think it's perfect for this Shoulder Candy in Super-Wash Merino
I did a little talk about our product and some little tricks about using hand-spun and why it's so expensive and then Beth and Fred took me for another delightful meal
On Saturday came many repeat customers here is a flap hat made using Erica's Sunstone in Super-wash Merino
Joanne here made three garments using Tanglewood Fiber Creations yarn and wore them to show me. Joanne is modeling a shrug designed by Cynthia of Knitting Central and knit by Joanne using 75% Cashmere/25% Silk beaded "Fudge Icing"

This is a Neck Candy scarf made using Northwest Winter in Cashmere

I don't have to tell you about my love for food! Beth's dinner (Westport Yarns owner) ummm yummy. We needed food after a long day and evening of fun!
I'm not sure who made this but I know it is Newport Rocks (fiber unknown but doesn't it look cozy?) and it is in the new book CowlGirls by Cathy Carron!
On Saturday Beth threw (blush- in my honor however the honor is all mine) a party for everyone that is a part of Westport Yarns and had wonderfully Kako (spelling here sorry if it's wrong) these had to be my favorite, Crustini's topped with Figs, Prochutto and basil and several other tasty things.
Pam asked for milk to have with her Chocolate Flourless Torte, but Beth thought she meant for her coffee, not to offend her hostess she drank it.

This Tanglewood enthusiast made two projects this year out of Tanglewood one is the lovely neck warmer, the other is the Shoulder Candy using Katie's Painted Hills made from Merino/Angora/Cashmere

You know how I hate Good-byes. I had such a stupendous trip to Westport Yarns and Beth's (owner of Westport Yarns) has the most comfortable bed that I hated to leave this morning, and she said (although it was with a large yawn as having a wild and exciting house guest is exhausting) that she would miss me too....

Chloe sporting a cowl she designed using-what else Tanglewood yarn, this is Columbia Gorge-ous in Merino/Angora/Cashmere
This is a wonderful Cowl that Cynthia (Knitting Central) designed using Edelweiss. I love it and if you are interested just head to her web-site and ask for a pattern
I'm yawning now as it is very late. I had a wonderful trip and first day here in Manhattan. Tomorrow is packed with fun. I'm signing off now and look forward to visiting with you again soon. Happy Knitting


Jennifer said...

Trish - it was wonderful to see you again. I LOVE the light switch cozy. You are brilliant. ; ) Can't wait to see you next time.

Pam said...

Trish,that was a wonderful blog post about your trip to Westport Yarns. Have you started your Flap Happy Hat yet? If anyone would like the pattern, send them my way!

I forgot about the milk in the pitcher thing (and that there was a picture).

Great to visit with you as always. See you in May!