Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Getting on the Road Here I come Westport CT and Scarsdale NY

Here it is all the yarn and spinning wheel ready to go to the airport tomorrow at 4:00amIt has been scorching here, yesterday it was 109 and 97 in the house. While I tried to think about yarn.... Lily isn't happy about the weather or the fact that Mom is distracted and not coming to bed on time

Here is Jan and Gerri at Oregon Flock and Fiber. While I made beaded yarn in blazing heat they sold wool in the cool rains of Oregon
This is what happens to Theo Chocolate in 97 degrees...so sad
Always remember it is never so bad that it couldn't be worse, Becky went to feed the chickens this morning and look what she found in her chicken yard.... now to get this little fellow out and to work on time!
Yikes I feel really bad, it's hot and I'm tired and feeling like there wasn't enough time to do everything I wanted to do which there wasn't. Unfortunately there wasn't any time to dye, unless I can get that done this afternoon.... See you soon?

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Sheila E said...

Have a Great time!
I got to see Jan for a few minutes at OFFF...what a treat.
What a difference in temperatures between Canby and LA.
The yarn is too yummy for words!
Many hugs!!