Saturday, September 04, 2010

working working fun working

Getting all the pictures downloaded has taken time, not the time it takes to actually download them, but the time it takes to sit with the computer and actually do it. I've had a lovely day off today which has been a rare treat and feel like I can visit with the blog, it's a day off after all!

Here is the most excellent packing job! Manatiu and I did of packing up Tanglewood Fiber Creations everything dye studio, singles, yarn, spinning wheels, bobbins, dishes, and a mattress....
Nothing moved, nothing flapped and nothing was lost or broken!
A rare moment on the journey. Cleo and Lily lounging on their carry bags in the back of the car
Yes we parked it here!
Then we went to Petaluma, CA. where we had the best "fussion" style India/Mexican food it was so yummy
We stayed with Pat, Bill and John and were treated to Finnish Pancake and fruit, PEACHES!

Here we are at Knitterly and side by side "Sterling Silver" projects sadly both are no more. We both were unhappy with the results. It isn't the yarn just the projects.
Beth and I made it to Southern California and of course went to Disneyland! Also, Steven was there.
Here is Steven on the right and Eric (Steven's cousin) on the left both are the image of their fathers......
Eric joined our merry band and we went to all the old favorites.

Working working working, most of this yarn was plied by Becky but there is a box of yarn that I have done waiting to be skeined and a whole bunch that sold at the Trunk Show at Knit Culture Studio in West Los Angeles
So today was my day off and a meeting of the "Friends of Blair Club" here we are having tea in San Juan Capistrano

Our happy group left to right Liz, Blair, Me, Kathy and Cathy

Last weekend was spinning fun at Knit Culture Studio's (Knitters Studio as was)

This is her first project ever! Crocheted (not with Tanglewood yarn but never the less great work)
Meanwhile Emma, Don, Mark and Abel have been touring the Pacific Northwest and got as far as Idaho! This evening I got a call from Don and they are again at our home in St. Helens. Even though this is a picture from this summer I imagine that this will be a scene renacted this week, Don and Mark talking...

ok the gloves, I plan on attending a Wednesday night knit night to finish these babies
Monday will be a labor day here at Tanglewood Fiber Creations South. I have some new help coming and we will be skeining all of the over 50 skeins that are dry and ready. We still have another several hundred waiting to be made....

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