Sunday, September 26, 2010

Loops Wall!

Loops Wall! Bi-annually Loops has a grand reveal of the "Loops Wall" where special projects are beautifully photographed and the yarn and patterns reside under for easy shopping. It has been a burning desire to get a Tanglewood Yarn project up on that wall. If you go into Loops you'll see little skeins of this
and this

And some Lavender Moon beaded to make these...... ummmm my next project! How about you? Call the happy staff at Loops and they can make it happen
I was making yarn last night. I'm in panic mode and trying not to let my family see it but I think they know. I finished packing all the clothes last night and got the technology bag together.... most of the yarn is skeined ready to go but not all of it! I haven't even touched a dye pot. As it's suppose to be over 95 today I don't see it happening anyway. Luckily I do have to wash yarn so it will dry readily. OK off to ply ply ply......Thanks Shelly, Gina, Gina, Gene, and everyone at Loops!!!!

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