Saturday, September 25, 2010

Yarn Yarn Yarn breath eat Yarn

Accomplishing things on a list is good. Packing half way the way several black skirts are in this suitcase, including a pencil one, there is a new purple one and my dear SIL says if I say the "P" word one more time.......Check out the strappie shoes!
Labeling yarn still to be finished, but really are we ever finished?
The skein winder silent for the first time this week
Textured cashmere drying and even though it was very warm today (87) this dense yarn takes time to dry
Yarn labeled and in the computer
Plier set to one side in order to do labeling
List for the weekend;
1. Dye 8 pounds of fiber
2. Finish packing
3. Inventory yarn
4. Do lots more beaded yarn
5. Breath eat and sleep....
Are we having fun yet?

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