Monday, September 20, 2010

And More Yarn.....

"Making yarn doesn't leave a lot of time for much else", complains Mike.
Although last Tuesday he took the day off and we spent the entire day in the garden hacking back the roses, jasmine and took out a fairly leggy Lavender plant. On Wed. last week I went back (Mike asked me very sweetly to go) to knitting to have a go at finishing the gloves. His birthday gloves, last birthday... poor Mike with cold hands but warm heart braving the frigid cold of the Los Angeles/Long Beach water front in summer..... well they are almost finished!!!! I'll work on them again at knitting Wed. to finish them there!
Meanwhile in the frantic world of yarn we've been busy. This stack o boxes are what we are mailing out. Some are samples for two new shops to view our line, so cross your fingers it might be a shop near you!
One morning I was awakened by this creature.....gently patting my face,
Lily is always so excited when I arise and not just because I fill the food bowl up. Cleo and her take turns on the bed as Cleo likes to really have me all to herself.

Look another break and I am remade in the likeness of a Fancy Lady! not a blob making yarn......
Here is the only picture of yarn I have this week, hopefully this will be finding a new home soon. Sterling Silver in 50%Angora 25%Silk and 25%Cashmere ummmm

That about covers it, not very exciting this week except for you who are waiting for a box. I did receive a wonderful picture book with all our summer pictures thanks to Emily. I cried and laughed at the same time. What a lovely and meaningful gift. I'm putting into the trunk show to show people what it is really like being an intern. Although Emily made it look really fun! Well it was a wonderful experience for me too....I'm bringing it on the road with me so just ask if you want to see it.

Yesterday I had to go shopping. I am decidedly shabby again and without fancy lady shoes, so my wonderful SIL's took me to a really nice resale shop and helped me select clothing for the trunk shows to come. I got real fancy lady shoes, wait til you see them! Patten Leather black straps with a cork high heal. The leather calf high boots were too pointy and high, although I know my friend Cynthia (Knitting Central) must have a pair just like them! Very stylish. I passed on the REAL Prada purse but I did get purses, a little vintage basket purse and a beaded black and tawny tiger striped number. Wow Fancy Lady. Now I need to purchase a tight black skirt, good thing Mom is not here to see this, she totally hated me in black. Linda (String in Manhattan, NY) says it's the NY uniform, and so I will be camouflaged when I arrive in New York for the trunk show in Westport.... also it will go with my "Erica's Sunstone" shoulder candy.
Now it's off to have my first cuppa for the morning. I made a list as I'm starting to panic about time and the slipping away of such. Steven is going to help today (Thank you god for giving me this child, Becky too as she has spent the week plying yarn and has a few boxes to ship today as well) and so I'm not panicking as much as I might. Also one of the new time management skills I built this summer was making lists and today I have one;
1.Ply one 10 ozs. skein of beaded Lavender Moon,
2.skein and label 35 skeins of the "special project" yarn for Loops.
3.Go to Post office
4. Pick up prescriptions
5. Spin Textured yarn
6. spin the cashmere I have quickly?
7 Finish washing the skeins from last week
8. pay bills
9. Empty and Load Dishwasher
10. remove Lavender plant from front yard (it's just waiting for collection into the bin for the green waste removal)
it may seem unattainable but I do have Steven to help......

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