Tuesday, September 21, 2010

The next day....

Another list another day I thought you might be interested in seeing what got done yesterday
Some of us slept while not getting entangled in yarn....
All the skeins are drying even the ones I did yesterday cross those off the list
The wheel waiting for more plying fun today
Steven having gone to the post office and faced with a huge labeling job today went to the office supply store and purchased a working stapler and hole punch.

Today's list reads
1.Make two skeins of beaded yarn (this could take most of the day)
2. Skein and label 35 skeins (this is a carry over from yesterday)
3. Finish clearing desk off (not being able to find something yesterday began a cleaning spree in my room which wasn't on yesterday's list so now to finish that job)
4. Start inventory for Trunk Show

Even though this list isn't long it is a lot of work! See you tomorrow!

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