Saturday, August 14, 2010

Summer Winds Down

What says "Summer" more than an ice cream cone after sushi?.......
Then in the morning look what Emma made for our second breakfast....
Then it was our Trunk Show at Twisted

Back to home again and another morning with the Turrentines, Emma and Abel
Mark digging in!
The flower arrangement that Mark and Emma brought to the table
Saturday's class at Twisted beaded bracelets! Everyone of these ladies brought a different color-way it looked like a beading rainbow
OH no it's time for Mariel to pack up, and pack and pack.....
On the last day of her internship we hung the lavender, set yarn and dyed fiber. It was a cool misty morning perfect for dyeing, we also dyed silk shawls that we had purchased at Dharma Trading company
This is how we harvest lavender take a dried bundle and roll it across a screen then pick out all the sticks and load it into bags, we do this while the fiber simmers
Here is my dye work and Emma's birthday present
Columbia Gorge-ous in Merino/Angora/Cashmere drying
Mariels shawl

A blurry picture of Newport Rocks in Cash/Silk
We thought summer had gone as the weather turned cool and misty for several days. Mariel left on Tuesday taking with her a spinning wheel (my only intern to learn how to spin) and lots of yarn. When she arrived home it was 102 degrees and we had 64, although all that changed this weekend, today it was 100 here. Emma and Don are now in Bend for a visit and I'm back down at Becky's, she has an air conditioner in both bedrooms!
Lots of yarn got made yesterday until it got so hot that it over heated the new motor on the spinning wheel. We retreated into the "cool room" cats and all until an early bed time.

Today's project was to pick up the new green house. I stayed home to work on last minute yarn, while Becky and a friend went and did the hard part.

I leave Oregon for the Winter on Tuesday and make our way slowly down the coast of California with Beth! We are planning a visit to Knitterly in Petaluma on Thursday so if you are in the area please come for a visit too.
Mike is looking forward to having his wife back and his wife is looking forward to living with her husband. It's been a long/short summer and it seems that our time apart has been forever. The weather in Southern California has been very mild, just wait until I get there..... no air conditioners in Los Angeles... yet!
Yarn alert! I'll be at Knitterly on Thursday Aug. 19th, Jennifer Knits on Aug. 24th and Knit Culture (AKA Knitter's Studio) Aug. 27-29th see you there if you need good yarn


Karen said...

Hi Trish and Becky,

It's great to see you all busy as ever! Especially I love seeing all the yarn you are making and plying and the finished product and displays. I continue to enjoy spinning whatever you send me, although I have to apologize it is taking me so long to get each batch done! I think I've been spinning a thinner yarn and so it's been taking a few hours to do each ball. Anyway, I am so proud to be a part of all this fun! Another batch is on its way... take care! xxx Karen

Sheila E said...

Sounds like you had a very productive and fun Summer. It's hard to believe that we are on the other side of it.
Beautiful...busy...lovely times!
I do hope that you will find time to call me one of these days.
I will send your needles down to your CA home.
I hope it's cool when you get there.
So glad to see Becky's green house..she will put it to good use.
She's gonna miss you..and visa versa.