Tuesday, August 03, 2010

Living Breathing Sleeping with yarn........

So much yarn has been made these last two weeks. My plying fingers are so sore and red and now have a sharp groove in the index finger. I've beaded yarn so much that my chair, floor and Becky's couch and floor glitters and glows in the dark. I moved out of Becky's house to resume my work here at Tanglewood Central. Mariel has been cutting lavender and unfortunately got stung by a bee.
the Turrentine Family are back and it's great having Mark and Abel here to cuddle and sing to, although I've been glued to my chair since arriving home and when not spinning or plying I'm fixing meals which is great fun.
I was really worn out from massive amounts of yarn so Becky suggested (insisted) I take the weekend off. It was good to have a weekend just her and I.
This is the Chicken/Pullet that is laying the small green eggs. Her name is Susan...
Mariel spent a week at Jan's house while Jan and Neil were on vacation, so while we were working this is where they were! Yes I did get a present from this booth
Becky had made big plans for Saturday and I enjoyed moving around rather than crouched on the couch. So we Jammed! I went to one of many fruit stands near Silverton Oregon and got lots of beautiful fruit.
Becky sorted out some recipes and off we go making Jam

These are the blueberries
Freshly poured out jam
On Sunday I worked in Becky's yard then off to St. Helens to get working again. It was lovely coming home to a house with people in it. Emma has set up a clothes line and hundreds of diapers were hanging from it. I have done massive amounts of yarn and a lot of cooking. Tonight we had a tasty lamb stew that rocked. Along with Popovers. These were some of the prettiest Popovers I've ever made.

I don't have a good soup track record but I'm on a roll lately. The soup was so good that we have none left, nor Popover's!
Today was a long yarning day. I have been doing some testing of spinning equiment for a company. Today I managed to burn (there was smoke no flames) up my spinning wheel. I had to put it outside for a bit until the smoke stopped as I was worried about smoldering fires...
Tomorrow we are going to Woodland Woolworks for some supplies and then Thursday is another long dyeing day. Friday is our Trunk Show at Twisted in Portland Oregon! It has been a long time since I've done anything with my yarn in my home town so we are very excited and have lots of yummy yarn for the viewing.
On the 10th Mariel goes back to her real life and then a week later I'm on the road again going down to California for a few trunk shows and a visit with Mike (and rose trimming) Beth is driving down with me and we plan a stop at Knitterly-more on that when Beth and I have had a chat.
It's been impossible to talk to anyone with all this frantic yarn production. My hips and bottom have been aching with all the sitting and spinning. Then on Sunday moving all Becky's potted plants and weeding and trimming really made me sore. Well 4 more skeins to make before this night is over! See you Friday I hope!


Sheila E said...

Ummmm popovers and jam...

I want to send off your needles...but where to? LA address?
Your blog says that you will be down there..my guestimation some time next week.

Let me know sweet Trish!
Comin' my way, please stop by ;) Then you could pick them up.
I'll make blackberry cobbler....

Bonnie said...

they look like baby Yorkshire puddings!