Friday, July 30, 2010

All quiet on the yarning front

I feel like I'm growing into Becky's couch. A lot has been done since I've last blogged. Here is Emily sporting her first knitting project (NW Summer in Super-wash) a simple scarf. She's now knitting a hat
It was the last day of Emily's visit so we took a break and went to Silver Falls State Park here is a map of the water falls to view
Inside the lodge/cafe is this wonderful fireplace
Mariel learning about the park
This is hand made furniture from Madrona logs cut in the park
The lodge
Upper North Falls
Emily on the left
The drive home was bitter sweet but then these fields called to us it's flower seed farming!

Lower Something Falls

Emily's scarf drying and endless yarn
Say good-bye Emily! This is our last time together for awhile Emily is at the airport having lunch
The weather has been hot!!! So Becky and I took a cool break in her room and I finished my summer project! Done!!!
Becky and I went to "Canterbury Faire" as a break the man in the middle is one of her neighbor's Paul (remember his birthday cake!)
Here is Sue Middle Eastern Dancing for the crowds

Lovely horse work
Our Hansom Knight
Then back to the cool room... One of Becky's Pullets is laying look this egg is the exact color of Becky's bedroom walls!
Mariel is farm sitting for Jan and Neil but came down to rush a special order of 24 textured cashmere skeins for a blanket..... I spun and plied these this week

Then back to beaded yarn.... and more "fun" with beads....
All over Becky came home and found way more than I had picked up
So after a stressful day we went and had a nice dinner at Silver Grille our favorite and had Naomi's Blueberry C something or other with Honey Lavender Ice Cream!
This is in the right a skein of beaded Ice and on the right a skein of Butter Icing (beaded yak and silk)
Here is just a few of the skeins that have dried and waiting to be skeined
right to left Ice, Butter Icing, a new color/fiber Sterling Silver (50%Angora 25%Silk 25%Cashmere plied with 50%Cashmere/50%Silk then beaded) which I'm going to knit something out of... and Fudge Icing
That's a lot of beads
I'm off today to mail packages and check on Mariel! I'm on Skype now if your interested!

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Sheila E said...

What a lovely summer! I am sure that the girls will remember, fondly the time that they got to spend with you! You showed them a great time Lady!
Your yarn is always.
Those falls are Awesome!
Yahoo for summer!