Monday, July 19, 2010

Change of Venue

I've moved a small part of the factory to Becky's house and am babysitting chickens and my own cats... Here is Lily chilling on Becky's bed, check out those feet!
I walked into the house after being gone for a couple of hours... look at what I found

Note the half of circular glass needles, the other half is under the table this will be going back to Shelia and Michael Ersnt to be fixed...
Look at her happily laying amongst the wreckage
A Vest made out of the new Sterling Silver (50%Angora/25%Cashmere/25%Silk) that is being knitted by Shelli from Knitterly. This will look perfect on her and keep her warm
Today was Shearing day at Jan's and we had lunch after. Behind her is a "Lamb Ham" a leg of lamb prepared as ham is. I have to tell you delicious
Jan got me into Skype, it took us several hours.... Now we are going to have a cup of tea and then go skirt fleeces more pictures to follow!

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