Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Another Week lots more yarn

Well it's been a really good couple of weeks. We are in the grove now and making great changes in lots of areas of Tanglewood Fiber Creations. Lots of behind the scenes things like computer programs, check lists, inventory control etc. I've been glued to the spinning wheel and spinning samples of good idea's. Emily makes our "to do" lists and Mariel has gone great guns at getting the singles storage organized. I've enjoyed having time to do what I love best and that's making yarn.

This is Cheryl from Knitterly's dye class showing us this great garment made from her yarn she dyed at our dye class. This was such a fun thing to do that several other yarn shops have asked for a dyeing class so watch the "Where's Trish" marquis to see where I'll be doing this next

I've been dyeing (while the girls did great work!)
This is yesterday's progress but boy was I tired
Yarn that I made the night before drying with the fiber
and more fiber
This is strange I know but I wanted to give you the scale of this project and show you where one skein ended and the next begins. I'm almost done and then I fix all the mistakes and dropped stitches. I'll be sorry to see this project end as I've been carrying it around the whole summer. However it's time for a new project umm what can it be
Since we were so good this week Emily said we could go to the Columbia County Fair
This is Franklin and Debbie. This was Becky's 4-H leader and her son. It's hard to believe that Franklin is 19 we knew him as a 3 year old....
We saw this ride on the road while on our road trip!
We watched Cloggers and ate Fair Food, not too far off the "No Plan" and had a generally wonderful time. Now is the Internet time and then up to the "Compound"/ Office to work! Lots of yarn still to make. If you are in Portland during the first weekend of August see us spinning at Twisted!

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Brent said...

So I keep thinking this ergo it must be shared. I keep thinking "Trish's Yarn" would be greatest title for a collection of short stories about your life.