Tuesday, June 01, 2010


Whoa I love Stay-cation at Becky's house. Becky needed a break from all things work. She was in a bummer mood and with all the excitement this coming summer neither one of us could go far (not to mention the new kitten) so I called a Stay-cation!
My week was varied with a trip up to St. Helens for some house rehab then back down to Silverton for what I thought was going to be another work weekend-wrong.
While I have been traveling up and down the i-5 corridor. Meanwhile my new friend Rose Levy Beranbaum (IE of Heavenly Cake book and the Bread Bible) has been knitting since she got her hands on the Columbia Gorgeous yarn in Cashmere/Silk. I have been getting regular updates and progressive pictures of this project. It made me feel like Rose was next to me knitting while we were having a cup of tea together. although the truth is she is in New York and I'm well, trains planes and automobiles is about it for the last two months.

I landed in Silverton to celebrate our friend Paul's birthday. I took this picture for Rose, and while it isn't her recipe I thought of her while we sang....

This is the first night of Stay-cation. Cleo hasn't been very happy with Lily the new kitten. Note her body language back to the kitten. Lily is doing everything she can to be buddies, and Cleo is coming around but it is slow work

Here is Sushi-town where Manatiu and I had lunch before going to St. Helens to muck out the house, she mucked I was on the phone and skeined...

Staff needs to be fed so we had lamb and popovers for lunch ummm Manatiu had never had popovers!
Jan came and we went to our new favorite restaurant the Silver Grille. If you are in Silverton Or. try this gem of an eatery. Jeff will tell you all about it. This is a Hazelnut Chocolate tart. Ummm Stay-Cation rocks
Becky and I went sale shopping and went to the new opening of Seven Brides Brew Pub and had some Mt. Angel sausages. They were offering Helicopter Rides so I talked Becky into the air! WEEEEEEEE
This is the Oregon Gardens from the air
This is Vitis Ridge Vineyard just starting to green
This is Seven Brides Brewery!
We stayed home yesterday (mostly) and I had my first soup lesson, I make terrible soup so Steven and Mike have asked anyone that makes good soup to give me a lesson. Mexican Chicken soup was yesterdays lesson. It had started out nasty (coldest May on record here in Oregon one of the many reasons Becky's been in a "mood") but the afternoon was beautiful. We tidied up her attic getting ready for the summer of guests and then decided to go for a drive. We ended up at the Silverton dam. We saw Eagles, Vultures, Osprey, Heroins, Ducks and Swifts. It is a magical place and just added the full stop to this town of Silverton it is so much like the mythical town of "Mayberry", it's sweet and friendly nature. People say hi even though they don't know you. Alexandra had a moment like that in town yesterday, Cheryl (from ID. ) was in town shopping and noticed Alexandra (whom she has seen many pictures of on the blog) also shopping and said Hello!

I was in Los Angeles a couple of weeks ago and a yarn shopper wanted to meet "Trish" when I said hi that's me she did a double take. She mistook Jan's photo for me! Confusion.....
I'm so excited about the coming weeks. Mariel is coming first and then Emily... then Black Sheep Gathering, then onto Petaluma Ca. to Knitterly for some dyeing fun!! Steven is coming up with a loaded trailer on Thursday. Emma and Don are fixing up there new camper so that they can go camping across America this summer (yes with the two babies! but no kitten, even I said no to that)

Wow! I have to go and get to work although Becky and I were a little sad to end our Stay-cation it will be good to get some yarn made! Off to work

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