Friday, May 21, 2010

Checking Back In

Terrible I know it's been months since a really good post has been posted. I keep thinking about you and wishing there was more hours in the day and then time slips away and the days become weeks and weeks become a month.

Good news is that I'm totally happy and have been making yarn like there isn't enough yarn in the world, which of our yarn I guess there isn't!
Ms. Audrey at the Post Office mailing all the 80 skeins we had done in the last few days before Maryland Sheep and Wool. Wow that's a lot of yarn....

After a very early morning arrival at Portland Airport, Alexandra, Nathan and I flew to Baltimore Maryland then Nathan had a great Van picked out and we drove to Fredrick where we stayed. One night we went to a Japanese place and look what was happening! He is tossing an egg, the first one landed on the floor the second one landed in his hat......

Here is the beginning of the Woolee Winder's booth construction

At a local deli we found these chips so I sent a bag to Kettle for Becky to show the big wigs! Don't worry I don't think it will catch on,

Downtown Fredrick MD. The buildings were all built late 1700's and early 1800's. We ate in fab restaurants here...

This is one of the sheep judges, he was staying in our hotel and is from Texas, Alexandra couldn't believe the size of his belt buckle....

One night we were all hot and tired so we went to Indian food. This was really good I got it by accident therefore I have no idea what it is but it was wonderful. We should have made that our only dish because the rest of the meal was not as interesting.

Ribbon Chips, not to be confused with Curly Fries. These are loaded with Cheese whiz stuff and Jalapenos. The person next to me was munching on them and we got talking about what they were

All too soon our trip was at an end. It was such a grand time and I know we all enjoyed ourselves. I love Nathan and if you don't have a Woolee Winder for your spinning wheel Nathan will hook you up.

This ship was on display at the Baltimore Airport. It is interesting how different each airport is. So far my favorite is Portland hands down. I like it because all the good stuff is where everyone can go. I love having lunch with Jan at the Portland Airport it's a bit lonely eating behind the "fortress" (IE having gone through security ) Minnesota is my next runner up

Alexandra's almost finished pair of socks! She is working through her stash so this isn't her yarn, but long ago purchased

Having been "away" for a long time, never staying long enough in one home to really feel like this is where live, is hard. The people that love me understand and support me. It's very hard to be in Maryland while Abel was being baptized, harder still to be in Tulsa the day of Mark's second birthday.
Sad to be with one child and not the other on Mother's Day. Sad to be in Oregon helping Becky move when Mom died. Sheila says it is what it is. It's a choice of my own making but like I said the people that love me understand and keep in touch. Cynthia of Knitting Central seems like she is just next door! A quick Text Mess.having tea or an e-mailing flurry during lunch breaks, I feel like she is a close neighbor, although most times we are 3000 miles apart.
Becky is great at sending me pictures. We have lunch, Dinners and go to all sorts of events and locations "together" even though we can be separated by thousands of miles.
Mike or Steven said last week "Home is where the heart is" so true for me. I'm "home" so many places it makes life fun, however the ferryman always needs paying so with the traveling life you miss moments....

Here are two "moments" sent to me from Becky, Cleo and Emma

Emma sent this one of two sleeping cherubs. Mark on the left and Abel on the right. I also know how Emma felt being relieved having a rare moment to herself and yet sharing it with me. Ohhh This was while I was on a plane flying somewhere

Here is one on Mother's Day sent by Becky. Cleo loves to cuddle. The only problem is that she is so big, and heavy.

Here is only a small sample of the yarn that went home with nice people from Jennifer Knits and Knitter's Studio.

Piles and piles of yarn! Steven is the slowest skeiner ever but he is willing and accurate. Only a wrong skein once in a while!

Another day another flight more e-mails... I'm back in Oregon now at Becky's house. I briefly went to St. Helens to pick up my car and found a Robin has made a nest in the Wisteria above the front door. It is a little less romantic than I thought as they have splattered unwanted nesting and "other" materials all over the front porch. By my calculations I think the babies are near to hatching so what the mess will be like then is anyone's guess, but I do think it rocks that a robin is nesting so close to the house.

These are the flowers we stood in front of at Huntington Gardens

OK I have done a bad thing, but I'm really happy. Long story short ( I know impossible you say) We have a new kitten. The names being considered are Lily, Isis, Zoe and Jade.

She is a Maine Coon through and through. I thought it would be wonderful for Cleo to have a fun kitten friend to be with while I was out or away. Cleo doesn't see it like that. She is brand new and 10 weeks old. Has all the claws and teeth of a kitten as my outfit today is a living reminder.

Emily and Mariel are really looking forward to coming to Oregon I've made lots of plans and reservation and I'm looking forward to effortless making yarn. Lots of yarn. I've been booking trunk shows for the fall and I'm already getting excited to see all my friends in Loops Tulsa OK and Westport Yarns Westport CT. Although next stop is Knitterly in Petaluma Ca. where I'll be teaching a dyeing workshop. We'll be dyeing yarn and fiber the weekend of June 26 &27 . I don't normally teach dyeing but Shelli, Sandi, Paige and Hiedi thought it would be a good idea! So if you want to learn how to dye yarn and or fiber come to Knitterly! I'll be bringing yarn as well so if you just want to see some good yarn it'll be there as well! Glad to be back I missed you!


Brent said...

Oh those kittens...they suck you in.

monkeyspinner said...

Wow. Thanks so much for pictures of MD. Liking maybe Lily. Hoping you get some family time soon.