Monday, June 07, 2010

Getting Ready

The Car and Trailer has arrived in St. Helens sparking a lot of unloading, loading, then unloading well you get the idea.... I went to Silverton for First Friday. There was a car show on the one of the streets, being a little bit of a gear head we went and I thought how much this truck looked like Jan's new beast. Nice color as well.....

Here I am playing Shuffle Board on First Friday

The next morning Becky and I went to the Farmers Market. It was the first sunny day we've had in weeks.... This is Becky waiting for me to be finished, note how dark she is that's because it's really sunny
I've been knitting this Shoulder Candy out of Erica's Sunstone Super-wash Yarn here is a snag, Becky said I had to rip it to that point, this makes me sad as it is a long way to knit back.....
Look it's over 4 inches to rip
I've decided to weave the loop in and keep going!
Having Lunch outside on Silver Creek. There are hundreds of Cedar Waxwings having a bath and sunning themselves in this tree

My bed at Becky's house just moved from Lakewood
I'm at Twisted here in Portland I have just delivered lots of yarn! If you are interested in good yarn and you are in Portland then hunt down this lovely yarn(they have tea as well)

Thursday is the big day. Mariel (intern #1) is coming. There is still a lot to do but we are working very hard to get the house ready.
Emily (Intern #20 is coming on Saturday and then it's down to Black Sheep Gathering. From there we go down the coast to Petaluma to Knitterly for our dye workshop! If you want to dye fiber and/or yarn come to Knitterly on Sat. June 26th and Sunday June 27th

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Sheila E said...

Sweet Little Bed for you Dear Trish!
I am off to Columbus for TNNA. I wanted to say...won't be long before we see each other at Black Sheep...a great big hug is in order, don't you think!
Isn't the Sun awesome!
Sheila E