Sunday, June 13, 2010

The Fun Begins!

Whoa Whoa Whoa Whoa Whoa WHOA, things are really getting done and lists are made and then things are getting crossed off the lists so I'm going to post our lists day by day so that you can see what we are doing but first here is a week in pictures.....

Emma, Abel and Mark getting ready for a picnic during a break from packing. Emma and Don are taking the family on the road in an RV for the summer!

What house packing would be with out pizza, Steven is the older gentleman, Mark and to the right Skylar whom has returned to the Pacific Northwest for a summer holiday and staying with another aunt as let's face it our house is very full!
Mariel and Steven showing us the display of Tanglewood Fiber Creations yarn at Twisted in Portland, its the good yarn Steven says
A visit to Portland would not be complete without a visit to Voodoo Doughnuts~
Then more packing at Emma's and Dons and another meal at a Lebanese restaurant Here's Mariel eating new food!
Mark and Don saying hi to us!
This is all the allergy medication for me to survive Black Sheep Gathering next weekend. The rain has been relentless here in the Pacific Northwest mold is growing moss! When the sun shines you can hear the grass growing and if it says dry enough everyone will be mowing hay in our I am prepared
Mariel is a knitting genius! This is her second pair of socks and her third ever project! She got to it when she learned she was going to come to Tanglewood for the summer Rock on Mariel
Here she is casting on for a Father's Day project with a skein of Fireworks on our way to the airport to pick up Emily intern II
After a late night we are back at Emma and Don's helpping with the last minute jobs before they come up to Tanglewood to work out the kinks with the "new to them" RV
Here we are again eating pizza and taking advantage of the Wi-Fi Look Emily has a Mac as well!

We had a short list today; Plant all the vegi plants that have been waiting for a week (or is it two) and put the handles on the cabinet that came from LA for all the singles to keep them very organized.
Tomorrow the list looks like this;
Steven- Replace the spray nozzle on the sink and paint the RV inside

Emily and Mariel-Skeining and cataloging all the singles and placing them in the cabinet, weigh out the Snow Cashmere, weigh out the dyed fiber Mariel and I did yesterday

Mariel and Trish-hang up clothes

Trish- Ply, go to Dentist and welcome Plumber whom will be fixing the downstairs shower

Emma and Don- Work on RV feed babies

Emily is going to be our organizer and has all ready unpacked and hung all her clothes up.

Becky reports the Chick/Chickens aren't getting along and she has two in rehab centers having sustained injuries from fighting. She is going over to Jan's house tomorrow to help Jan out to get sheep ready for Black Sheep Gathering.

If you are a spinner and are going to Black Sheep and want new fiber let Becky know!

We will be at Black Sheep Gathering on Thursday and look forward to a very fun time. After that we are driving down the coast of Oregon and California to Knitterly in Petaluma Ca. for the Trunk Show and Dyeing Workshop!

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