Friday, April 30, 2010

I missed you and Welcome Able Bennet!

Abel Bennett. I love that name and this child. Mark has been wonderful and all Grandmothers have had time and visits with the new baby. Pat's (Don's Mom) attention to details had me amazed (as usual) and Deb's (Emma's Mom) quiet gentle nature lent a lovely warm feeling which was so lovely that I never wanted to leave and blogging just wasn't something that needed to be done. Cynthia from Knitting Central, said that yarn would be done but new babies were once in a life time, so the weeks passed in blissful wonderment.....,
Umm lovely Abel

Oh blog how I've missed you. I'm at the Holiday Inn Express tonight in Fredrick Maryland for Maryland Sheep and Wool Festival. I have no Internet in Oregon and between Abel's birth, Anniversary trip with Mike, and making a whole lot of yarn, going into town to blog just wasn't possible. I'll be flying down to Los Angeles on Monday (where there is high speed Internet) and then going to Jennifer Knits on Tuesday May 4th and then I'll be at Knitters Studio on May 15th and 16th.
Abel Bennett and Emma, Abel didn't like leaving the warmth of Mothers cuddle for his picture

Spring had begun when I arrived in St. Helens on this clear but chilly day

Lots of fun was had, but that will have to wait for another day as we have to be ready to go for 7:00am EST and when you are use to PST it's pretty early, well 7:00 am is early for me no matter what time zone I'm in! If you are attending Maryland Sheep and Wool this weekend, come by Nathan Lee's Wooly Winders, if you are coming to one of the trunk shows, happy days! I promise to do more tomorrow, evening you know I'm not a morning person!

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