Sunday, March 28, 2010

Henley's II is Here!

Emma and Don welcomed the newest Turrentine to the world last night. I sat in Los Angeles thinking loving good thoughts, sitting vigil (I lit a Mediterranean Fig candle) knitting, sending my prayers for a lovely, speedy delivery while Emma did the hardest job a woman can do. Although waiting a thousand miles away praying was kinda hard but totally not as hard as having a baby naturally....

I got to say Hi to the new baby (OK I love cell phones, how great was it I could say hi to a newly born person).

I'm sitting at Burbank Airport waiting to go, all very exciting changing my flight and finding a seat on any plane going North.

I'm so happy and thrilled that Emma is safe and sound and delivered Henley II at home.

I have no idea of Henley II's post natal name.

I've got knitted goods and some presents for both Henley II and Mark who was thrilled too with his new brother.

Thanks for all those that sat vigil with me. I felt Mom was with me as well, pulling strings for Emma from up above.

I'm beyond happy.


CenCalT-tines said...

We are all smiles and excitement here as well. Give them all kisses from us!

Anonymous said...

????????????WHERE'S TRISH????????????